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Background Information
NameVaughn Brown
Country of Birth
United States
North America
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Team History
??? 2013 - ??? 2013HeXp Gaminglogo std.pngHeXp Gaming
??? 2013 - ??? 2013Dare Risinglogo std.pngDare Rising
Oct 2013 - Mar 2014Team JusTuslogo std.pngTeam JusTus
Apr 2014 - Jul 2014Curse Blacklogo std.pngCurse Black
Jul 2014 - Oct 2014Curse NAlogo std.pngCurse
Nov 2014 - Dec 2014Automatic Reloadlogo std.pngAutomatic Reload
Nov 2015 - Dec 2015Logo std.pngHappy Hour

Vaughn "Tipsy" Brown is a former Call of Duty player. He is most known for his time on Team JusTus, Team Curse, and Automatic Reload.


Black Ops 2[]

Vaughn "Tipsy" Brown has been around the competitive scene since Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, but would begin to make a name for himself during Call of Duty: Black Ops II. At the beginning of the season, he would play on teams such as Dare Rising, and after a top 16 placing with HeXp Gaming at the MLG Winter Championship 2013, he would find himself on Team JusTus. Tipsy would finish 13th at UMG Dallas 2013, with the team, to tie his highest placement of the season.


Tipsy would stay on Team JusTus going into the Call of Duty: Ghosts season. He, along with Chino, Gucci, and StuDyy, would surprise many by finishing 3rd at the MLG Fall Championship 2013, turning many heads in his direction. The team would finishing 8th during the MLG CoD League Season 1, but would fall just short of qualifying for the Call of Duty Championship 2014, finishing in the top 12. During the flurry of roster changes, Tipsy would find himself on Curse NA for the MLG CoD League Season 2, along with Burns, Mochila, and Enable. The team would play well, finishing 5th and earning a spot in the championship bracket for MLG Anaheim 2014. Labeled as an online team, Curse would be an underdog going into the tournament. After a first round loss to Denial eSports, Team Curse would make a strong loser's bracket run, defeating FaZe Red, Epsilon eSports, and Team EnVyUs, before losing to TCM-Gaming in the loser's bracket semifinals, and earning a 4th place finish. Tipsy and the rest of the roster would stay on Team Curse going into the MLG CoD League Season 3. Tipsy would have passport issues that would prevent him from attending Gfinity 3 meaning that Team Curse had to use Crowster as a fill in and they would finish 5th-8th. However, he did travel to UMG Dallas 2014 with the rest of Team Curse but even with their full roster they would come away with a disappointing finish of 7th-8th, crashing out at the hands of OpTic Nation.

The Return[]

After playing for not that long during the Advanced Warfare season, Tipsy tried returning to the competitive Call of Duty scene. He is teamed with former teammate Burns, ColeChan, and Anticity on a pickup team under the name Happy Hour. After failing to qualify for the Call of Duty World League, he has decided to leave the scene once again.


  • His favorite Call of Duty title is Modern Warfare 2.
  • His favorite moment was taking out several top teams at MLG Columbus 2014 such as OpTic Gaming, Team EnVyUs, Team Curse, TCM-Gaming and Obey.
  • When his original nickname "Browny", which came from his last name "Brown", was taken on Xbox, they (Xbox) generated a new name: "Tipsybrowny". He eventually chose to only stick with "Tipsy" and he has stuck with it ever since.


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Minimum place
Tournament tier
Tipsy Tournament Results
2015-12-165 - 8 NA CWL Pro Division 2016 Stage 1 Online Qualifying TournamentLogo std.pngIS T Tipsy •  Anticity •  LlamaGod •  TwiZz
2015-12-069 - 12 NA CWL Pro Division 2016 Stage 1 Invitational QualifierLogo std.pngHAPP Tipsy •  Anticity •  Burns •  ColeChan
2014-12-2117 - 32 MLG GameBattles 5000 Series 2014-12-21Automatic Reloadlogo std.pngaR Burns •  Blfire •  Miyagi •  Tipsy
2014-12-1417 - 32 MLG GameBattles 5000 Series 2014-12-14Automatic Reloadlogo std.pngaR Burns •  Blfire •  Tipsy •  Miyagi
2014-12-079 - 16 MLG GameBattles 5000 Series 2014-12-07Automatic Reloadlogo std.pngaR Burns •  Blfire •  Tipsy •  Miyagi
2014-11-165 - 8$ 400$ 400$ 400 MLG GameBattles 5000 Series 2014-11-16Automatic Reloadlogo std.pngaR Burns •  Blfire •  FeLo •  Tipsy
2014-11-0917 - 32 MLG GameBattles 5000 Series 2014-11-09Automatic Reloadlogo std.pngaR Blfire •  Tipsy •  FeLo •  Burns
2014-10-127 - 8 UMG Nashville 2014Curse NAlogo std.pngCrs Burns •  Tipsy •  Enable •  Mochila
2014-10-0810 MLG CoD League Season 3 Regular SeasonCurse NAlogo std.pngCrs Burns •  Tipsy •  Enable •  Mochila Maven
2014-09-283 - 4 MLG GameBattles 2000 Series 2014-09-28Curse NAlogo std.pngCrs Burns •  Tipsy •  Enable •  Mochila
Total Prize:USD 400


  • 2014



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