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Question Answer
Where did this scoreboard data come from? About 95% of WWII and BO4 scoreboards plus a few IW events came from publicly available data from Activision. All other data came from community resources or has been manually added by the wiki staff.
Who helped collect the scoreboard data? This is a long list covering 7+ years so I hope I don't forget anyone - Goalie, Brandon, Argi, Spoonz, Easy Mac, Camallen, cthorrez, Aggiefan18, and Andrew
Am I allowed to use this data for personal use? Yes! All this data has been centrally collected for use by whoever wants to use it.
Do I need to credit you as a source? We would encourage you credit the wiki because of the countless hours spent creating this open source community project, and others may want to see the full data set.
Can I help with data entry? Sure! Just send Andrew a DM on twitter.


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Search and Destroy[]

  • Search and Destroy Team Kill Records
  • Search and Destroy Team KD Ratio Records


  • Hardpoint Team Kill Records
  • Hardpoint Team Time Records


  • Control Team Kill Records
  • Control Team Capture Records

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