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Paris Legion is the official Call of Duty League franchise team of Paris, France. It is owned and operated by c0ntact Gaming, LLC.


Modern Warfare[]

Paris was announced as one of the first five Call of Duty League franchise teams on May 2, 2019. The entire roster was announced at the same time on October 3, with Louqa, Shockz, Denz, KiSMET, Phantomz, Zed and Breszy joining. No starting lineup was announced at the time. On November 2, Joshh and Op2 joined and Paris became the final team to reveal their branding: Paris Legion. Novus joined as analyst on November 10. The first starting lineup was announced on Launch Weekend as Louqa, Shockz, Denz, KiSMET, and Zed.

Paris began the season at the bottom of everyone's rankings but they quickly proved all doubters wrong. At Launch Weekend, they beat both OpTic Gaming Los Angeles and European rival London Royal Ravens. In Week 2, they finished second in their group and nearly made it to the grand finals but were reverse swept by eventual winners Chicago Huntsmen. Week 3 started similar to week 2, they lost in round 1 to Minnesota RØKKR and beat Toronto Ultra in their second match, but this time they lost their rematch of their first round opponent. In weeks 5 and 7, the Legion failed to make it out of the Group Stage as they finished Top 6 and Top 8 respectively. The Legion once again finished last place in Week 8, losing 3-1 to both Chicago Huntsmen and OpTic Gaming Los Angeles. At their own Home Series they once again finished last, continuing the trend of home series hosts performing poorly. In Week 11, the Legion won their first match in over three months but then lost in the qualifier match to Atlanta FaZe and finished Top 6 again. It took the whole season, but Paris finally showed life again in Week 13. They beat LA Guerrillas, Subliners, and Royal Ravens to make their first grand final appearance of the season where the lost to Dallas Empire. They finish the season in 10th place with 100 CDL Points.

Paris started in Losers Round 1 at the Call of Duty League Championship 2020 and defeated Seattle Surge 3-0 before falling to London Royal Ravens 1-3 in the next round. They finished the tournament Top 10. Despite hovering around the bottom of the standings for most of the year, Paris was one of only three teams to make no roster changes all season.

Black Ops Cold War[]

On September 4, Joshh left his coaching role to return to competing. Later in the week Denz, Louqa, Shockz, Zed, Breszy, and Phantomz were all released, leaving an empty roster going into Cold War. On the final day of 2020, Paris finally announced their long rumored and leaked roster of Skrapz, AquA, Classic, Fire, and coach Theory.

Paris started off Stage 1 0-2, but won two of the final three series to get a one round bye in the Losers Bracket. They would finish the Major Top 10 after Florida Mutineers knocked them out 1-3 in their first match. In Stage 2, the Legion seemed to show improvement as they beat Minnesota RØKKR 3-0 and played OpTic and Dallas closely. A 2-3 record saw them start in Losers Round 1 where they were quickly dominated by the Los Angeles Thieves 3-0. On April 13, Paris and Fire mutually parted ways and Temp joined from the LA Thieves bench to take his place. Stage 3 yielded no different results as the Legion finished last in Group A with a 1-4 record and were then eliminated in Losers Round 1 at the Major by the London Royal Ravens.

With Classic departing to join Seattle, Zaptius joined from London before the beginning of Stage 4. Paris beat LA Thieves and Classic's new team Seattle to get the Losers Round 1 bye at the Stage 4 Major, although that is as far as they would advance as Seattle would eliminate them with a 3-0. With qualification chance for Champs slipping away, the Legion finished Stage 5 with a 1-4 record, with another win against the Thieves. Seattle would have their number again at the Major, this time 3-1. Paris Legion finished the season with an 8-21 (42-71) record in twelfth place (last) with 100 CDL Points.


Paris wiped their roster on August 27 with Temp, Skrapz, Zaptius, and AquA all becoming free agents.


  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2021

Player Roster[]



TheoryDylan McGee
Also Sub
Jan 20212021-01-13


Players are shown for the entire duration of their tenure on the team, with the role and substitute/trainee status they had upon their departure.

PlayerNameRoleJoinedLeftNext Team

ZaptiusAlex BonillaPlayerMay 20212021-05-25Aug 20212021-08-27None

TempDonovan LarodaPlayerApr 20212021-04-13Aug 20212021-08-27None

AquAUlysses SilvaPlayerDec 20202020-12-31Aug 20212021-08-27None

SkrapzMatthew MarshallPlayerDec 20202020-12-31Aug 20212021-08-27None

ClassicNicholas DiCostanzoPlayerDec 20202020-12-31May 20212021-05-24Seattle Surgelogo std.pngSEA

FireLuis RiveraPlayerDec 20202020-12-31Apr 20212021-04-13WestRlogo std.pngWstR

BreszyPaul Breszynski
Oct 20192019-10-03Sep 20202020-09-08GANGSTERZlogo std.pngGANG

DenzDenholm TaylorPlayerOct 20192019-10-03Sep 20202020-09-08New York Sublinerslogo std.pngNYA

LouqaLuke RigasPlayerOct 20192019-10-03Sep 20202020-09-08Renegadeslogo std.pngRNG

PhantomzTimothy Landis
Oct 20192019-10-03Sep 20202020-09-08Logo std.pnguTC

ShockzConrad RymarekPlayerOct 20192019-10-03Sep 20202020-09-08Renegadeslogo std.pngRNG

ZedZach DenyerPlayerOct 20192019-10-03Sep 20202020-09-08London Royal Ravenslogo std.pngLDN

KiSMETMatthew TinsleyPlayerOct 20192019-10-03Sep 20202020-09-07Built by Gamerslogo std.pngBBG



C ID Name Position
Theory Dylan McGee 80Coach


C ID Name Position Next Team
Op2 Joel Mehdizadeh 80Coach None
Novus Brandon Hewitt 80Analyst None
Joshh Josh Sheppard 80Coach None


Team Achievements[]

This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place
Tournament tier
Paris Legion Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
2021-08-1812 Call of Duty League 2021 Skrapz •  AquA •  Temp •  Zaptius Theory
2021-08-0111 - 12 Call of Duty League 2021 - Stage 5 Major Skrapz •  AquA •  Temp •  Zaptius Theory
2021-07-2511 - 12 Call of Duty League 2021 - Stage 5 Skrapz •  AquA •  Temp •  Zaptius Theory
2021-06-209 - 10 Call of Duty League 2021 - Stage 4 Major Skrapz •  AquA •  Temp •  Zaptius Theory
2021-06-137 - 8 Call of Duty League 2021 - Stage 4 Skrapz •  AquA •  Temp •  Zaptius Theory
2021-05-239 - 16 Call of Duty League 2021 - All-Star Weekend Pro Skills 1v1 Skrapz
2021-05-1611 - 12 Call of Duty League 2021 - Stage 3 Major Skrapz •  Classic •  AquA •  Temp Theory
2021-05-0911 - 12 Call of Duty League 2021 - Stage 3 Skrapz •  Classic •  AquA •  Temp Theory
2021-04-1111 - 12 Call of Duty League 2021 - Stage 2 Major Skrapz •  Classic •  AquA •  Fire Theory
2021-04-049 - 10 Call of Duty League 2021 - Stage 2 Skrapz •  Classic •  AquA •  Fire Theory
Total Prize:USD 0


  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2021


Reveal 2019-11-02
Colors #131E29, #9C182F, #EE7623
Paris Legion: Our Story
Paris, the cradle of so many historical movements and human adventures, is now home to the Paris Legion! Defenders of liberty and innovation have always found refuge in Paris. We will be worthy of our city’s traditions: fighting, conquest, and fraternity.

We are at the beginning of a grand adventure. Inspired by the city of light, our team brings together forces from all over the globe. Together, we fear no one. We do not cower from any challenge.

Under the banner of Paris Legion, we welcome you: prepared to fight and determined to win.

En garde!


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