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A Best of 5 Series during the Modern Warfare season between Minnesota RØKKR and Dallas Empire. Dallas won 3-2.


In Call of Duty esports, each match is contested by two teams in a "Best of X Series". The typical series is a Best of 5 with usually three game modes played in each. The three modes change depending on the title being played.

Respawn Modes[]

These are all of the game modes in which a player can respawn continuously after dying. Most best of 5 series consist of three respawn modes, two of which are usually Hardpoint and the third being another mode depending on the current title. Some modes with limited respawning such as Control are still considered respawn modes despite there being a point where players can no longer respawn.

Search and Destroy[]

The only game mode where players do not respawn. This is a staple in the Best of 5 Series and has been a part of Call of Duty esports since the very beginning. The final map in a Best of 5 Series is always Search and Destroy.