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1 Shot

See: One Shot

100 Point Club

When a team wins in hardpoint and keeps the opposing team under 100 points. See: 100 Point Club


See: One Shot


See: Aiming Down Sights

Aiming Down Sights

Looking down the sights of a weapon, usually slowing the player's movement while increasing accuracy.


A player that rotates early to the new Hardpoint hill to influence spawns for their team.


See: Assault Rifle

Assault Rifle

A weapon typically used at range by slower players holding power positions.


Feeding false information to enemy players to make them move into a position that favors your team.


See: Melted


The reserve or substitute players for a team.

Best of X Series

The basic format of a competitive series. Usually a Best of 5 Series, where the first team to win three maps wins the series.

Bracket Reset

When the team coming from the losers final in a double elimination bracket wins the first best of five series in the grand finals.


When a team skips a round of a tournament due to scheduling or a higher seed.

Call of Duty Championship

The world championship of each Call of Duty season. For more information, See: Call of Duty Championship.


A term used by players to quickly reference a location on a map.

Capture the Flag

A game mode where each team must tries to steal the flag from the enemy base and return it to their own base (Two Flag CTF).


When a situation is lost and there is no hope to fix it.


See: Call of Duty Championship


A championship


When a player or team lose a gunfight, objective, or round that they should have certainly won.


When a player wins a round or objective while last alive on their team or by themselves on the map.


A game mode where each team takes turns attacking and defending capture zones. Each team has 30 respawns.


A type of player that plays extremely fast and has a very good shot but does not necessarily have good Game Sense.


A game that allows player from multiple platforms/consoles to play together.

Dedicated Server

A server hosted in a neutral location that typically gives a good connection to both teams.


When a player fails to register a kill in a map of Search and Destroy.

Drop Shot

When a player goes prone during a gun fight. Also see: Snaking

Ego Chall

When a player challenges a gunfight because they think they are better than the player they are challenging, regardless of health or position.


A kill or death by a player.


A super aggressive player that enters a location first to bait for a teammate.


See: Free Agent

First Person Shooter

A genre of action video game that is played from the point of view of the protagonist. FPS games typically map the gamer's movements and provide a view of what an actual person would see and do in the game.

Flipping Spawns

See: Spawn Flip


See: First Person Shooter


See: Franchising.

Free Agent

A player who is not signed to any team.

Full Sail

When a team losing 0-5 in Search and Destroy, comes back to win 6-5. Named after the location of the event in which this notably happened (MLG Fall Invitational 2013).


See: Gentlemen's Agreement


See: Gentlemen's Agreement


See: Gamebattles


An online tournament website that players compete on.

Game Sense

A learned trait that players have that lets them understand the flow of the game and predict opposing players' movement to better position themselves.

Gentlemen's Agreement

This is a set of agreed upon rules by players but is not officially enforced by the league.


A type of player that hits insane shots.


Greatest Coach Of All Time. Although it implies that one coach is the greatest, this term is used abundantly to describe any coach who's team currently dominating.


Greatest Of All Time. Although it implies that one player is the greatest, this term is used abundantly to describe any player currently dominating.


A game mode based on on the classic mode King of the Hill where teams fight for control of rotating objectives.


Refresh rate of a server. (e.g. a 12 hz server refreshes 12 times per second)


Shooting a gun while not Aiming Down Sights


See: Hertz

Ice Man

A player who clutches in high stakes scenarios.

Jump Shot

When a player jumps during a gun fight.


A thumbstick extension used by some players for fine tuned accuracy.

L Triggering

See: ADS


See: Offline Event


Connection time, usually measured in milliseconds (ms), from a console/computer to the server and back to the console/computer.

Line of Sight

The area in front of a player that they can see.

Lost Full

To lose full composure.

Map Pool

The list of maps allowed to be played.

Map Veto

A process used to determine which maps are played in a series by teams taking turns banning maps from the map pool.


A player who was killed very quickly.

Ninja Defuse

Defusing a bomb in Search and Destroy when there are opposing players alive.


See: Over Extend

Offline Event

An event where all players are at the same physical location. The most important events are played offline because of the low latency.

One Shot

When an opposing player is weak.

Online Event

An event where players are not at the same physical location. These events are not considered as prestigious as offline events because of the high latency.

Open Event

A tournament that allows any player to enter.

Over Extend

After spawning out, giving up base control in an effort to counter attack. Can also be used in Search and Destroy to mean pushing the weak side flank of the opposing team.

P1, P2, etc.

Referring to the Hardpoint hill number.


Extra buttons on the back of specially made controllers that allow players to map controls to it.


Connection time, usually measured in milliseconds (ms), from a console/computer to the server.

Post Plant Positioning

How a team sets up to defend the bomb they just planted in Search and Destroy.

Power Position

A location on a map that usually gives a player/team control over important sections of the map.


Something applied by a player who is constantly running at the opposing team. That player typically has high engagements.

Respawn Mode

A game mode where a player can respawn after dying like Hardpoint or CTF

Restricted Free Agent

A player who is still under contract but has been allowed by their organization to talk with other teams.


The set of Hardpoint hills.

Route man

A player that is either anchoring, or taking an alternative path to control a power position or flank an enemy.


See: Search and Destroy


A gaming controller with paddles on the back.

Search and Destroy

A game mode where each team takes turns attacking and defending bomb sites. Each player has only one life.


The speed at which a player rotates their camera.

Shot Punch

Shooting a player and immediately meleeing them.


Peaking in and out of cover by moving side to side quickly.


See: Sub Machine Gun


Peaking in and out of cover by moving between stances quickly.


See: Search and Destroy


The location a player is at when they join the game initially or respawn.

Spawn Flip

When a player anchors on the opposite side of the map to get their teammates to spawn with them (usually close to an objective) and the opposing team to spawn far away.

Spawn Influence

Factors that lead to the location a playerspawns like the location of friendly and enemy players.

Spawning Out

When a team takes control of the opposing base, usually in game modes like Capture the Flag or Uplink and cause the enemies to spawn away from their own base.

Split Spawn

When players on the same team spawn far away from each other on the map.

Sub Machine Gun

A weapon typically used by fast and aggressive players who apply pressureto the opposing team.


The time it takes for players to move from one location to another. Players with good timing and game sense can read, or predict, positioning of enemy players.


When a player kills the enemy who killed their teammate within a few seconds.


See: Cracked

Unrestricted Free Agent

See: Free Agent


A game mode similar to One Flag CTF except the flag is a ball and can be thrown into the enemy portal for one point and run in or "dunked" for two points.


A match organized by players where each team puts money into a pot that the winning team takes.


A type of player that performs better online than on LAN or has never played on LAN but plays really good online.


Getting killed by a player who you believe only got the kill because it was online.


A player who is past their prime and has fallen out of the top levels of competition.


See: Crossplay