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Integral Nation
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Org Location
Asia Pacific
OwnerTony "Viper" Thomas
SponsorPlantronics Gaming
Scuf Gaming
Kontrol Freek
Arma Centrum
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Integral Nation is a MultiNational Professional Gaming Organisation that currently resides in Australia.


The Beginning[]

Formerly known as EternLGaming, Integral Nation is one of the more well known organizations within the competitive side of the Call of Duty franchise, within Australia. Established in 2012 by Tony "Viper" Thomas and David "Potter" Potter with the aspiration of becoming a Call of Duty competitive team, they are now much more than that. Viper and Potter had been running the team for two years before uploading their first video to YouTube in 2014. Making a name for themselves as well as Integral, the two and their organisation now have two (2) very successful Call of Duty teams.

The Rise of Integral Nation[]

Integral Nation’s first competitive team established in 2012 with Call of Duty: Black 2 being the game of choice. EternLGaming (as it were known back then) would go on to place consistently, but not at LAN that year. With NadeZ, SnaiL, Viro and Viper on the team, they began winning online tournaments all year, and were the number 1 CyberGamer open division team from Australia for Call of Duty.

Two Teams[]

Upon gaining a second team, both EternLAU and EternLNZ placed respectively into top eight positions throughout various CyberGamer competitions and ladders. After two players left EternLNZ, the organisation decided to part ways with them, leaving only the EternLAU squad.

New Game, New Name, New Players[]

Late 2013 Call of Duty: Ghosts came out, and with Potter taking time off to focus on family and the addition of James 'MilBoss' Milburn to the staff team, EternLGaming re-branded and became Integral Nation. Through this new name of the organisation, both Viper and MilBoss looked at building a better team to replace the under-performing EternLAU. They recruited Roufix and Ruiz to add to the roster already consisting of Viper and Excel, and named themselves Integral.Vengeance (Integral.VG). Viper later decided that he would retire from playing and focus on the management of the organisation. This left the team looking for one more member, and this spot was filled with Stubs. During this player change, Integral acquired two new Australian teams called Integral.Myth and Integral.Australia (Integral.AU).

One Had to Go[]

After a few months of continuously poor performances, and due to a lack of motivation to play any Call of Duty, Viper had to make the call to release the Integral.VG team from the organisation. This left Myth and Australia still in the organisation, with room to navigate if the management team wanted to add a new team. Soon after this, the management team decided to release Jetsy from the Myth roster, as he was not able to commit enough time to the game, and gave him the job of producing video content for the organisation's YouTube channel: IntegralNationTV.

Integral Now[]

Currently, Integral Nation is a thriving, multi-national, professional gaming organisation with teams competing in not only Call of Duty, but also Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2. They have been consistently placing and are working on big projects that will benefit the whole community, including large scale online tournaments and leagues.


  • 2015
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • November 14, Aveen, GaLvZ, Inaki, Jericho, and Kush join.[1]
  • November 22, GaLvZ leaves.[2]
  • November 27, Aveen, Inaki, Jericho, and Kush leave.[3]
  • November 28, Baturi, Crazje, Lucks, Rustabation, and Suttoh join.[4]
  • January 22, Crazje retires.[5]
  • January 26, Baturi, Lucks, Rustabation, and Suttoh leave.[6]

Player Roster[]


C ID Name Role Joined


C ID Name Role Next Team Joined Left
Baturi 11Player Logo std.pngVictrix Esports 2018-11-282018-11-28 2019-01-262019-01-26
Lucks Brody unknown 11Player Logo std.pngVictrix Esports 2018-11-282018-11-28 2019-01-262019-01-26
Rustabation Mitch unknown 11Player Logo std.pngVictrix Esports 2018-11-282018-11-28 2019-01-262019-01-26
Suttoh 11Player Logo std.pngVictrix Esports 2018-11-282018-11-28 2019-01-262019-01-26
Crazje 11Player Retiredlogo std.pngRetired 2018-11-282018-11-28 2019-01-222019-01-22
LavarBalls Aveen Hemander 11Player Love Potionlogo std.pngLove Potion 2018-11-142018-11-14 2018-11-272018-11-27
Inaki Inaki Zuluaga 11Player Love Potionlogo std.pngLove Potion 2018-11-142018-11-14 2018-11-272018-11-27
Jericho Jericho Ambulo 11Player Love Potionlogo std.pngLove Potion 2018-11-142018-11-14 2018-11-272018-11-27
Kush Ivan Ngo 11Player Love Potionlogo std.pngLove Potion 2018-11-142018-11-14 2018-11-272018-11-27
GaLvZ Galvin Mitchell 11Player None 2018-11-142018-11-14 2018-11-222018-11-22
Louqa Luke Rigas 65Support Empyre eSportslogo std.pngEmpyre eSports
Swifty Daniel Hickey 75Objective The Chiefs eSports Clublogo std.pngChiefs Esports Club
Ruiz Kyle Ruiz 75Objective Retiredlogo std.pngRetired
Roufix 65Support Retiredlogo std.pngRetired
Excel Nick Hewitt 61Slayer Retiredlogo std.pngRetired
Stubs 61Slayer None
Jetsy Jackson de Broughe 78Anchor Retiredlogo std.pngRetired
Axiiee Brandon Bently 67SMG Support None
Cones Conan Lei 75Objective Most Wantedlogo std.pngMost Wanted
Roid 75Objective None
Excite Cody Rugolo 61Slayer Uproar Nationlogo std.pngUproar.iGnitionZ
Perko David Perkinson 61Slayer MEGA Gaminglogo std.pngMEGA Gaming
Lakie Cooper Reading 75Objective Incept eSportslogo std.pngIncept eSports
Vqnishh Mitch Dame 65Support Logo std.pngTrident.Rebellion
Vurk Elijah Wilson 75Objective None
Stusyy Jacob Jaenke 61Slayer None
Pixah Buddy Riddiford 61Slayer None
Hoju Stuart Topham 61Slayer Citadel Gaminglogo std.pngCitadel Gaming
Bundo Billy Wall 75Objective Retiredlogo std.pngRetired
Quinz Cristian Byrnes 65Support None
Vilesyder Kyle Colyer 75Objective Nvlogo std.pngPlantronics Nv
Chilean Billie-Jake Parra 65Support Trident Esportslogo std.pngTrident Esports
Beastn Jai Boone 61Slayer Trident Esportslogo std.pngTrident Esports
Damage Hayden Handakas 78Anchor Trident Esportslogo std.pngTrident Esports
Fate Jake Fitzpatrick 61Slayer Tainted Mindslogo std.pngTainted Minds
Zeuss Rene Corpoaal 61Slayer Team Immunitylogo std.pngTeam Immunity



Team Achievements[]

This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place
Tournament tier
Integral Nation Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
2019-01-069 - 16 MLG GameBattles 2000 Series AP 2019-01-06 Baturi •  Crazje •  Lucks •  Rustabation •  Suttoh
2018-12-0217 - 32 MLG GameBattles 2000 Series AP 2018-12-02 Baturi •  Crazje •  Lucks •  Rustabation •  Suttoh
2018-11-1817 - 32 MLG GameBattles 2000 Series AP 2018-11-18 GaLvZ •  Inaki •  Jericho •  Kush •  Lavar
2018-01-2817 - 32 MLG GameBattles 2000 Series AP 2018-01-28 Fatal •  Monstah •  Meo •  Traumatised
2018-01-0717 - 32 MLG GameBattles 2000 Series AP 2018-01-07 TraumaAU •  Kenan •  Meo •  Trazi
2017-12-1717 - 32 MLG GameBattles 2000 Series AP 2017-12-17 Hyparrz •  Kovacz •  Meo •  TraumaAU
2017-12-039 - 16 MLG GameBattles 2000 Series AP 2017-12-03 Hyparrz •  Kovacz •  Meo •  TraumaAU
2017-11-269 - 16 MLG GameBattles 2000 Series AP 2017-11-26 Hyparrz •  Kovacz •  Meo •  TraumaAU
2015-07-263$ 1,200$ 1,200$ 1,200 Doesplay Gold Coast 10K Pro Series Louqa •  Fate •  Swifty •  Zeuss
2015-07-191$ 1,1001100 ACL CoD League Season 1 Playoffs Louqa •  Fate •  Swifty •  Zeuss
Total Prize:USD 1,100 • AUD 1,200



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