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Team has disbanded.
Eye 4 eSports
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OwnerCory Benham
Alex Todd
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Eye 4 eSports is a European team.



  • 2015
  • 2016

Player Roster[]



C ID Name Role Next Team Joined Left
Kruzn Jordan Yates 11Player None
Trance Martin Beaumont 11Player None
Fjeldzy Olav Hansen 11Player Zealous eSportslogo std.pngZealous eSports
BennyG Ben Garland 11Player None
Defrag Adam Mathews 75Objective Team Vitalitylogo std.pngTeam Vitality
Detain Jed Mulcahy 65Support Black Forest Gameslogo std.pngBlack Forest Games
Alexx 61Slayer None
Gismo Joey Evans 61Slayer Legion Gaminglogo std.pngLegion Gaming
Harley Harley Nethercott 11Player None
Smithyy Jordan Smith 11Player None
Explicit Connor Wallace 11Player None
Sammo Sam Bone 11Player None
HaLLy Alex Hall 11Player Barrage eSportslogo std.pngBarrage eSports
Deleo Deleo Devitt 11Player Rift Gaminglogo std.pngRift Gaming
JBuzz Jordan Buzz 11Player Riot Gaminglogo std.pngRiot Gaming
Revolt Michael Eaton 11Player Rift Gaminglogo std.pngRift Gaming
PasTeeK Florian 11Player PuLse Gaminglogo std.pngPuLse Gaming
Rampage James Richardson 11Player Riot Gaminglogo std.pngRiot Gaming
Fortune Lewis Hunt 11Player None
Denza Bjarne Sleebus 11Player EQuinox eSportslogo std.pngeQuinox eSports
Gulit Andrea Gulisano 11Player Enraged eSportslogo std.pngEnraged eSports
Golly Lewis Todd 11Player U4X eSportslogo std.pngU4X eSports
KraQz Nick Brenden 11Player FAB Games eSportslogo std.pngFAB Games eSports
Dadisto Damian V Dragt 11Player 2nd Wavelogo std.png2nd Wave
Motions Joshua Jordan 11Player None
LewTee Lewis Todd 11Player Wizards e-Sports Clublogo std.pngWizards e-Sports Club



C ID Name Position
Cory Cory Benham Owner
Alex Alex Todd CEO


C ID Name Position Next Team
Dfuse James Douglas Coach XGN Competitivelogo std.pngXGN Competitive

Team Achievements[]

This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place
Tournament tier
Eye 4 eSports Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
2017-11-2733 - 64 MLG GameBattles 2000 Series EU 2017-11-26 Cammy •  Dadisto •  LewTee •  Ryzen
2017-11-1933 - 64 MLG GameBattles 2000 Series EU 2017-11-19 Cammy •  HaaZe •  LewTee •  Ryzen
2017-05-079 - 16 MLG GameBattles 2000 Series EU 2017-05-07 BennyG •  Fjeldzy •  Kruzn •  Trance
2017-04-239 - 16 MLG GameBattles 2000 Series EU 2017-04-23 BennyG •  Fjeldzy •  Kruzn •  Trance
2016-07-035 SocialNAT Master League Season 2 HaLLy •  LewTee •  Detain •  Fortune
2016-04-115 SocialNAT Master League Season 1 LewTee •  Defrag •  Reach •  Deleo
2015-11-297 - 8 Am 2 Pro Peterborough LewTee •  Fortune •  Gismo •  Rampage
2015-10-257 - 8 EGL 14 Blackpool LewTee •  Motions •  Denza •  Fortune
2015-08-303£ 650£ 650£ 650 Insomnia55 Golly •  Gulit •  LewTee •  Motions
2015-07-0513 - 16 Am 2 Pro Omnia LewTee •  Motions •  Dadisto •  Rabbz
Total Prize:USD 0 • EUR 0 • GBP 650


  • 2015
  • 2016


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