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Mar 08[]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Talybam eSports - March 8, EpsiLion, LightZz, Lobito, Lxgend, Morder, and Sqechy join.
Latin AmericaMorderTalybam eSportsPlayer
Latin AmericaEpsiLionTalybam eSportsPlayer
Latin AmericaLightZzTalybam eSportsPlayer
Latin AmericaSqechyTalybam eSportsPlayer
Latin AmericaLobitoTalybam eSportsPlayer
Latin AmericaLxgendTalybam eSportsPlayer
All Knights - March 8, Rakzyy joins.
Latin AmericaRakzyyAll KnightsPlayer
Hybrid Black - March 8, Mack leaves.
North AmericaMackHybrid BlackPlayer
New York Subliners - March 8, Mack joins.
Happy moves to substitute.
CDL FranchiseHappyNew York SublinersPlayerNew York SublinersPlayertrue
CDL FranchiseMackNew York SublinersPlayer
North AmericaParasiteNo Mercy EsportsPlayer
North AmericaZaptiusNo Mercy EsportsPlayer
North AmericaPaulEhxNo Mercy EsportsPlayer
North AmericaVenomNo Mercy EsportsPlayer
North AmericaGloFrostyNo Mercy EsportsPlayer
UYU - March 8, Pentagrxm leaves.
North AmericaPentagrxmUYUPlayer
Carnage Gaming - March 8, Druxy leaves.
North AmericaDruxyCarnage GamingPlayer

Mar 09[]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Obtained Black - March (approx.), Divvxll leaves.
EuropeDivvxllObtained BlackPlayer
Talybam eSports - March 9, Doty leaves.
Latin AmericaDotyTalybam eSportsPlayer
Th3X Clan - March 9, Doty, Feezin, Jouziin, Sheed, and Soldier join.
Latin AmericaSheedTh3X ClanPlayer
Latin AmericaDotyTh3X ClanPlayer
Latin AmericaJouziinTh3X ClanPlayer
Latin AmericaFeezinTh3X ClanPlayer
Latin AmericaSoldierTh3X ClanPlayer
FYC eSports - March 9 (approx.), Bazerk, Dekk0s, KALANI, LuNaTiC, and ReguLate leave.
North AmericaLuNaTiCFYC eSportsPlayer
North AmericaReguLateFYC eSportsPlayer
North AmericaKALANIFYC eSportsPlayer
North AmericaBazerkFYC eSportsPlayer
North AmericaDekk0sFYC eSportsPlayer
Obtained Esports - March 9, Creza, Grad, Rafi, and Revolt leave.
EuropeCrezaObtained EsportsPlayer
EuropeRevoltObtained EsportsPlayer
EuropeGradObtained EsportsPlayer
EuropeRafiObtained EsportsPlayer
Nightshade x Gonzo - March 9, Foncho, GriM, Groovy, PDasson, and Phenom leave.
North AmericaPDassonNightshade x GonzoPlayer
North AmericaGroovyNightshade x GonzoPlayer
North AmericaGriMNightshade x GonzoPlayer
North AmericaPhenomNightshade x GonzoPlayer
North AmericaFonchoNightshade x GonzoPlayer
Activision - March 9, Call of Duty: Warzone Battle Royale is announced.
Rebel Esports - March 9, Onyx and Teskiy leave.
North AmericaOnyxRebel EsportsPlayer
North AmericaTeskiyRebel EsportsPlayer
Built by Gamers - March 9 (approx.), Gunsiii, JLags, Legal, Miyagi, and Mohak leave.
North AmericaGunsiiiBuilt by GamersPlayer
North AmericaLegalBuilt by GamersPlayer
North AmericaMiyagiBuilt by GamersPlayer
North AmericaJLagsBuilt by GamersPlayer
North AmericaMohakBuilt by GamersPlayer
Athaim Gaming - March (approx.), Buzz, HyPno, Lightning, Prodigy, and Theory leave.
North AmericaProdigy (American Player)Athaim GamingPlayer
North AmericaLightningAthaim GamingPlayer
North AmericaHyPnoAthaim GamingPlayer
North AmericaTheoryAthaim GamingPlayer
North AmericaBuzzAthaim GamingPlayer
Lore Gaming - March 9, Conbix, Cyborg, DraMa, Hills, and Ramby leave.
North AmericaDraMaLore GamingPlayer
North AmericaRambyLore GamingPlayer
North AmericaCyborgLore GamingPlayer
North AmericaConbixLore GamingPlayer
North AmericaHillsLore GamingPlayer
Team Sween - March (approx.), BBConor, Fusionz, Gismo, Henry, and QwiKeR leave.
EuropeBBConorTeam SweenPlayer
EuropeFusionzTeam SweenPlayer
EuropeHenryTeam SweenPlayer
EuropeQwiKeRTeam SweenPlayer
EuropeGismoTeam SweenPlayer
Encrypted Gaming - March (approx.), Apox, ProFeeZy, Prolute, Spacely, and Xotic leave.
North AmericaApoxEncrypted GamingPlayer
North AmericaProFeeZyEncrypted GamingPlayer
North AmericaSpacelyEncrypted GamingPlayer
North AmericaXoticEncrypted GamingPlayer
North AmericaProluteEncrypted GamingPlayer

Mar 10[]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Eternal - March (approx.), BuRRn joins. MaxedZ leaves.
ACE1 - March 10, ExyLon joins. SteeMz leaves.
Latin AmericaSteeMzACE1Player
Latin AmericaExyLonACE1Player
UYU - March 10, MRuiz and Zyyral leave.
North AmericaMRuizUYUPlayer
North AmericaZyyralUYUPlayer
GetBusy - March (approx.), MRuiz, ProFeeZy, Spacely, Super, and Zyyral join.
North AmericaProFeeZyGetBusyPlayer
North AmericaMRuizGetBusyPlayer
North AmericaZyyralGetBusyPlayer
North AmericaSuper (Tanner Bowen)GetBusyPlayer
North AmericaSpacelyGetBusyPlayer
Hybrid Gaming - March 10, Super leaves.
North AmericaSuper (Tanner Bowen)Hybrid GamingPlayer
Team WaR - March 10, Evasion, Knight, Kyzer, LlamaGod, and Swarley leave.
North AmericaEvasionTeam WaRPlayer
North AmericaSwarleyTeam WaRPlayer
North AmericaKyzerTeam WaRPlayer
North AmericaKnightTeam WaRPlayer
North AmericaLlamaGodTeam WaRPlayer
Electrify Esports - March 2, BBConor, Fusionz, Gismo, Henry, and QwiKeR leave.
EuropeQwiKeRElectrify EsportsPlayer
EuropeBBConorElectrify EsportsPlayer
EuropeGismoElectrify EsportsPlayer
EuropeFusionzElectrify EsportsPlayer
EuropeHenryElectrify EsportsPlayer
Cosmic Wolf eSports - March (approx.), COutside, kLoH, LilFoot, Optional, and Sinless leave.
North AmericaSinlessCosmic Wolf eSportsPlayer
North AmericaCOutsideCosmic Wolf eSportsPlayer
North AmericaOptionalCosmic Wolf eSportsPlayer
North AmericakLoHCosmic Wolf eSportsPlayer
North AmericaLilFootCosmic Wolf eSportsPlayer

Mar 11[]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
ACE1 - March 11, Resingz joins. Rizee leaves.
Latin AmericaRizeeACE1Player
Latin AmericaResingzACE1Player
Crazy Frog - March 11, Team purchases Série A spot from All Knightslogo std.pngAll Knights.
All Knights - March 11, Team sells Série A spot to Crazy Froglogo std.pngCrazy Frog.
Rebel Esports - March 11, TurnUp2eZ leaves. Exceed and TTinyy's loan from MIN RØKKR end.
North AmericaTurnUp2eZRebel EsportsPlayer
North AmericaTTinyyRebel EsportsPlayer
North AmericaExceedRebel EsportsPlayer
Minnesota RØKKR - March 11,
Exceed and
TTinyy return from loan to Rebel Esports.
CDL FranchiseTTinyyMinnesota RØKKRPlayertrueMinnesota RØKKRPlayertrue
CDL FranchiseExceedMinnesota RØKKRPlayertrueMinnesota RØKKRPlayertrue

Mar 12[]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
CDL2020 - March 12, Remaining Call of Duty League events are cancelled due to Coronavirus Outbreak. The matches will instead be played online.
CDC - March 12, Remaining Call of Duty Challengers events are cancelled due to Coronavirus Outbreak.
EEG - March 12, EEG Malta 4.0 is postponed due to Coronavirus Outbreak.
UYU - March 12, Drazah joins.
North AmericaDrazahUYUPlayer
Hybrid Gaming - March 12, Spoof leaves.
North AmericaSpoofHybrid GamingPlayer
AF Academy - March 12 (approx.), Venom joins.
North AmericaVenomAF AcademyPlayer
NRX Jeremiah 29:11 - March 12, CRUSH, iDra, J4YZEE, Khenji, Kyaaah, and Woopiiee leave.
Asia PacificJ4YZEENRX Jeremiah 29:11Player
Asia PacificiDraNRX Jeremiah 29:11Player
Asia PacificKyaaahNRX Jeremiah 29:11Player
Asia PacificCRUSHNRX Jeremiah 29:11Player
Asia PacificKhenjiNRX Jeremiah 29:11Player
Asia PacificWoopiieeNRX Jeremiah 29:11Player
Nexplay Predator - March 12, CRUSH, iDra, J4YZEE, Khenji, Kyaaah, and Woopiiee join.
Asia PacificJ4YZEENexplay PredatorPlayer
Asia PacificiDraNexplay PredatorPlayer
Asia PacificKyaaahNexplay PredatorPlayer
Asia PacificCRUSHNexplay PredatorPlayer
Asia PacificKhenjiNexplay PredatorPlayer
Asia PacificWoopiieeNexplay PredatorPlayer

Mar 13[]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
London Royal Ravens - March 13, Nastie joins.
Rated moves to substitute.
CDL FranchiseRatedLondon Royal RavensPlayerLondon Royal RavensPlayertrue
CDL FranchiseNastieLondon Royal RavensPlayer
UMG Gaming - March 13, LandO (Content Creator) leaves.
North AmericaLandOUMG GamingContent Creator
Team Envy - March 13, LandO (Content Creator) joins.
North AmericaLandOTeam EnvyContent Creator
Hybrid Black - March (approx.), Cells, Charullz, and Hollow leave.
North AmericaHollowHybrid BlackPlayer
North AmericaCellsHybrid BlackPlayer
North AmericaCharullzHybrid BlackPlayer
UYU - March (approx.), Cells and Hollow join.
North AmericaHollowUYUPlayer
North AmericaCellsUYUPlayer
Team 3G - March (approx.), endurAAA joins. Moose leaves.
EuropeMooseTeam 3GPlayer
EuropeendurAAATeam 3GPlayer

Mar 14[]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
J4L Org - March 14, Equuip retires.
Lore Gaming - March 14, Hills leaves.
North AmericaHillsLore GamingPlayer
Sixth Gear Brazil - March 14, Team returns to Brazil due to Coronavirus Outbreak.
Team Elitist - March 14, Harry leaves.
EuropeHarryTeam ElitistPlayer