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Current Roster Change Portals:

Jan 26[]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
ArenaOn - January 26, GoldRibbon.pngNexT Teamlogo std.pngNexT Team SilverRibbon.png4LF4 Teamlogo std.png4LF4 Team in the ArenaOn Open 2020.

Jan 27[]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Timeless eSports - January 27 (approx.), Ambient, Aries, CaLiFa, Shocked, and VeXeD leave.
North AmericaCaLiFaTimeless eSportsPlayer
North AmericaShockedTimeless eSportsPlayer
North AmericaAriesTimeless eSportsPlayer
North AmericaAmbientTimeless eSportsPlayer
North AmericaVeXeDTimeless eSportsPlayer
PRML - January 27 (approx.), Charm, Conbix, COutside, LilFoot, and Optional leave.
North AmericaConbixPRMLPlayer
North AmericaCOutsidePRMLPlayer
North AmericaOptionalPRMLPlayer
North AmericaCharmPRMLPlayer
North AmericaLilFootPRMLPlayer
Rysix Gaming Spain - January 27, Aether, Alfoon, Glaaix, Ninjaso, and Zappy join.
EuropeAetherRysix Gaming SpainPlayer
EuropeAlfoonRysix Gaming SpainPlayer
EuropeGlaaixRysix Gaming SpainPlayer
EuropeNinjasoRysix Gaming SpainPlayer
EuropeZappyRysix Gaming SpainPlayer
J4L Org - January 27, Nova leaves.
North AmericaNova (Dakota Williams)J4L OrgPlayer
Cutting Edge Esports - January 27, Anthrax, Copier, ExiB, Kade, and Pawns leave.
North AmericaCopierCutting Edge EsportsPlayer
North AmericaKadeCutting Edge EsportsPlayer
North AmericaPawnsCutting Edge EsportsPlayer
North AmericaAnthraxCutting Edge EsportsPlayer
North AmericaExiBCutting Edge EsportsPlayer
Oceanus Gaming - January 27, Gunsii leaves.
North AmericaGunsiiOceanus GamingPlayer
Guilty Esports - January 27, aHTracT, Foncho, MonGo, Morty, and Phenom leave.
North AmericaFonchoGuilty EsportsPlayer
North AmericaPhenomGuilty EsportsPlayer
North AmericaMonGoGuilty EsportsPlayer
North AmericaMortyGuilty EsportsPlayer
North AmericaaHTracTGuilty EsportsPlayer
Royal Ravens Academy - January 27, endurAAA (temporary substitute) leaves.
EuropeendurAAARoyal Ravens AcademyPlayer
GetBusy - January (approx.), ColeChan leaves.
North AmericaColeChanGetBusyPlayer

Jan 28[]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Team Divine - January 28, Jintroid, Newbz, and TwiZz leave.
North AmericaJintroidTeam DivinePlayer
North AmericaNewbzTeam DivinePlayer
North AmericaTwiZzTeam DivinePlayer
Athaim Gaming - January 28, Onyx, PaceR, PaulEhx, Teskiy, Venom, and Ramby (Coach) leave.
North AmericaOnyxAthaim GamingPlayer
North AmericaPaulEhxAthaim GamingPlayer
North AmericaVenomAthaim GamingPlayer
North AmericaPaceRAthaim GamingPlayer
North AmericaTeskiyAthaim GamingPlayer
North AmericaRambyAthaim GamingCoach
Third Impact - January 28, Magik leaves.
North AmericaMagikThird ImpactPlayer

Jan 29[]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Sixth Gear - January 29, Onyx, PaulEhx, Teskiy, and Venom join. FA5TBALLA, Owakening, Reaper, and Willett leave.
North AmericaReaperSixth GearPlayer
North AmericaWillettSixth GearPlayer
North AmericaOwakeningSixth GearPlayer
North AmericaFA5TBALLASixth GearPlayer
North AmericaOnyxSixth GearPlayer
North AmericaVenomSixth GearPlayer
North AmericaTeskiySixth GearPlayer
North AmericaPaulEhxSixth GearPlayer
4LF4 Team - January 29, Crawly and DreeyK leave.
Latin AmericaCrawly4LF4 TeamPlayer
Latin AmericaDreeyK4LF4 TeamPlayer
Aspire eSports - January 29, Davpadie, Standy, and Zinx leave.
North AmericaStandyAspire eSportsPlayer
North AmericaZinxAspire eSportsPlayer
North AmericaDavpadieAspire eSportsPlayer
Encrypted Gaming - January 29, Lightning leaves.
North AmericaLightningEncrypted GamingPlayer

Jan 30[]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Animosity eSports - January 30, Pazy retires.
Rebel Esports - January 30, Mochila leaves.
North AmericaMochilaRebel EsportsPlayer
WolfBlood eSports - January 30, Gudnite leaves.
North AmericaGudniteWolfBlood eSportsPlayer
Veteranos eSports - January 30, Pepo leaves.
EuropePepoVeteranos eSportsPlayer
Feenix Esports - January 30, SamBaldy leaves.
EuropeSamBaldyFeenix EsportsPlayer
Rich and Lonely - January 30, Fero, Parasite, Prolute, Spacely, and Spart leave.
North AmericaSpartRich and LonelyPlayer
North AmericaSpacelyRich and LonelyPlayer
North AmericaFeroRich and LonelyPlayer
North AmericaParasiteRich and LonelyPlayer
North AmericaProluteRich and LonelyPlayer
NexT Team - January 30, Horid (Player to Coach) changes position. Vixen leaves.
Latin AmericaVixenNexT TeamPlayer
Latin AmericaHoridNexT TeamPlayerNexT TeamCoach
Sicario Gaming - January 30, Assassin, Denail, Example, Siloh, and SinnR leave.
North AmericaExample (Jeffery Morehouse)Sicario GamingPlayer
North AmericaSilohSicario GamingPlayer
North AmericaDenailSicario GamingPlayer
North AmericaSinnRSicario GamingPlayer
North AmericaAssassin (Kevin Cerrantes)Sicario GamingPlayer

Jan 31[]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
TwoFace Gaming - January 31, Hecful, Jxnz, Matix, ShuKz, and Vokado join.
EuropeShuKzTwoFace GamingPlayer
EuropeVokadoTwoFace GamingPlayer
EuropeMatixTwoFace GamingPlayer
EuropeJxnzTwoFace GamingPlayer
EuropeHecfulTwoFace GamingPlayer
QLASH - January 31, Diixblo joins. Lumbast leaves.
Lavity Gaming - January 31, Cornz, Crnky, Deezy, Neeey, Tisow, and Azerinho (Coach) join.
EuropeDeezyLavity GamingPlayer
EuropeNeeeyLavity GamingPlayer
EuropeCornzLavity GamingPlayer
EuropeTisowLavity GamingPlayer
EuropeCrnkyLavity GamingPlayer
EuropeAzerinhoLavity GamingCoach
Virtue Gaming - January 31, Couti joins.
Latin AmericaCoutiVirtue GamingPlayer
NexT Team - January 31, Crawly and DreeyK join.
Latin AmericaCrawlyNexT TeamPlayer
Latin AmericaDreeyKNexT TeamPlayer
Furious Gaming - January 31, Firi, Lucho, NanZ, Rizee, SanTy, and Swizzy leave.
Latin AmericaFiriFurious GamingPlayer
Latin AmericaSanTyFurious GamingPlayer
Latin AmericaNanZFurious GamingPlayer
Latin AmericaLuchoFurious GamingPlayer
Latin AmericaRizeeFurious GamingPlayer
Latin AmericaSwizzyFurious GamingPlayer
Ivyaert Esports - January (approx.), SanTy joins.
Latin AmericaSanTyIvyaert EsportsPlayer
HYXR - January 31, Ethan2Nice leaves.
North AmericaEthan2NiceHYXRPlayer
Florida Mutineers - January 31, GoldRibbon.pngSkyz & Landon Collins SilverRibbon.pngMaux & Todd Gurley in the In The Know Bowl 2020.
Kansas City Pioneers - January (approx.), Breechy, FRIMJ, LiammD, RiRi, and Seannyy leave.
EuropeSeannyyKansas City PioneersPlayer
EuropeRiRiKansas City PioneersPlayer
EuropeFRIMJKansas City PioneersPlayer
EuropeLiammDKansas City PioneersPlayer
EuropeBreechyKansas City PioneersPlayer

Feb 01[]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Jahksa Esports - February (approx.), Rydekz joins.
Latin AmericaRydekzJahksa EsportsPlayer
Kazek Esports - February 1, Blitz, Keen, Luckss, Mayo, SkyLyon, and StaMe join.
Latin AmericaSkyLyonKazek EsportsPlayer
Latin AmericaStaMeKazek EsportsPlayer
Latin AmericaBlitzKazek EsportsPlayer
Latin AmericaKeenKazek EsportsPlayer
Latin AmericaLuckssKazek EsportsPlayer
Latin AmericaMayoKazek EsportsPlayer
J4L Org - February (approx.), DeoX, DraMa, Equuip, HumanJesus, and Nova leave.
North AmericaEquuipJ4L OrgPlayer
North AmericaNova (Dakota Williams)J4L OrgPlayer
North AmericaDraMaJ4L OrgPlayer
North AmericaDeoXJ4L OrgPlayer
North AmericaHumanJesusJ4L OrgPlayer
In The Lab Black - February 1, Atom, Bullkee, Dorchak, Mind, and PDasson leave.
North AmericaBullkeeIn The Lab BlackPlayer
North AmericaAtomIn The Lab BlackPlayer
North AmericaPDassonIn The Lab BlackPlayer
North AmericaMindIn The Lab BlackPlayer
North AmericaDorchakIn The Lab BlackPlayer
Mount Olympus Gaming - February (approx.), 47, Bullseye, Diamondcon, Remy, and TcM leave.
North AmericaRemyMount Olympus GamingPlayer
North AmericaTcMMount Olympus GamingPlayer
North AmericaBullseyeMount Olympus GamingPlayer
North America47Mount Olympus GamingPlayer
North AmericaDiamondconMount Olympus GamingPlayer
Triumph - February 1, Parzelion leaves.
North AmericaParzelionTriumphPlayer
Illusion Esports - February 1, Deelo, Drazah, Kyzer, OPTIMUM, and Perform leave.
North AmericaDeeloIllusion EsportsPlayer
North AmericaDrazahIllusion EsportsPlayer
North AmericaKyzerIllusion EsportsPlayer
North AmericaOPTIMUMIllusion EsportsPlayer
North AmericaPerformIllusion EsportsPlayer
Encrypted Gaming - February 1, Gunsiii joins.
North AmericaGunsiiiEncrypted GamingPlayer
GTZ Bulls Esports - February 1, Alexis leaves.
EuropeAlexisGTZ Bulls EsportsPlayer
For The Win Evolution - February 1, Alexisss, Marky, Mobo, PRoXaY, and Varandas join.
EuropeMarkyFor The Win EvolutionPlayer
EuropePRoXaYFor The Win EvolutionPlayer
EuropeVarandasFor The Win EvolutionPlayer
EuropeMoboFor The Win EvolutionPlayer
EuropeAlexisssFor The Win EvolutionPlayer
Blu Martini Gaming - February (approx.), endurAAA joins. Creza leaves.
EuropeCrezaBlu Martini GamingPlayer
EuropeendurAAABlu Martini GamingPlayer
Night Killers eSports - February 1, Fallzy, MeTodies, OMGui, Porto, Umdeadkiller, and Vigarista join.
Latin AmericaFallzyNight Killers eSportsPlayer
Latin AmericaOMGuiNight Killers eSportsPlayer
Latin AmericaUmdeadkillerNight Killers eSportsPlayer
Latin AmericaMeTodiesNight Killers eSportsPlayer
Latin AmericaPortoNight Killers eSportsPlayer
Latin AmericaVigaristaNight Killers eSportsPlayer
Pushing Gaming - February (approx.), MethodZ retires.
Divinity.Uprising - 2020 (approx.), Ice, Psycho, and Sh4d4p join. Chingy, Inique, and Khai leave.
Asia PacificIniqueDivinity.UprisingPlayer
Asia PacificChingyDivinity.UprisingPlayer
Asia PacificKhaiDivinity.UprisingPlayer
Asia PacificIce (Indonesian Player)Divinity.UprisingPlayer
Asia PacificPsychoDivinity.UprisingPlayer
Asia PacificSh4d4pDivinity.UprisingPlayer
FunPlus Phoenix - 2020 (approx.), DogChen, GaoHong, Kai, Sa1ge, and YangMing join.
Asia PacificYangMingFunPlus PhoenixPlayer
Asia PacificGaoHongFunPlus PhoenixPlayer
Asia PacificSa1geFunPlus PhoenixPlayer
Asia PacificKaiFunPlus PhoenixPlayer
Asia PacificDogChenFunPlus PhoenixPlayer