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Current Roster Change Portals:

    Feb 17[]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    TDJ - February 17, GoldRibbon.pngKoean Esportslogo std.pngKoean Esports SilverRibbon.pngMafia Esportslogo std.pngMafia Esports in the TDJ Pacific Apertura 2019 Qualifier 1.
    ACGL - February 17, GoldRibbon.pngEnergy Esportslogo std.pngEnergy Esports SilverRibbon.pngBravado Gaminglogo std.pngBravado Gaming in the ACGL 2000 Series 2019-02-17.
    Mazer Gaming - February 17, FraxiiLe, Tuzz, and Zinx join. Vicious leaves.
    North AmericaViciousMazer GamingPlayer
    North AmericaTuzzMazer GamingPlayer
    North AmericaZinxMazer GamingPlayer
    North AmericaFraxiiLeMazer GamingPlayer
    Iconic Gaming - February 17, KidzZ leaves.
    EuropeKidzZIconic GamingPlayer
    Radiant Esports - February 17, Billy, Dxsable, Henry, KidzZ, and Saiyan join.
    EuropeKidzZRadiant EsportsPlayer
    EuropeBillyRadiant EsportsPlayer
    EuropeSaiyanRadiant EsportsPlayer
    EuropeHenryRadiant EsportsPlayer
    EuropeDxsableRadiant EsportsPlayer

    Feb 18[]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Isurus Gaming - February 18, Fede, Meethax, and SanTy leave.
    Latin AmericaSanTyIsurus GamingPlayer
    Latin AmericaFedeIsurus GamingPlayer
    Latin AmericaMeethaxIsurus GamingPlayer
    Absolute Zero - February 18, Couti, Fede, Firi, Meethax, and SanTy join.
    Latin AmericaSanTyAbsolute ZeroPlayer
    Latin AmericaCoutiAbsolute ZeroPlayer
    Latin AmericaFiriAbsolute ZeroPlayer
    Latin AmericaFedeAbsolute ZeroPlayer
    Latin AmericaMeethaxAbsolute ZeroPlayer
    Vertex Gaming - February 18 (approx.), Beastn joins. Liaym leaves.
    Asia PacificLiaymVertex GamingPlayer
    Asia PacificBeastnVertex GamingPlayer
    100 Thieves - February 18, Team is sponsored by Totinos.
    Mindfreak - February 18, Setzyy joins.
    Asia PacificSetzyyMindfreakPlayer
    Heretics Nation - February 18, Drumpz, FrezR, Glaaix, HeLLioX, and Onerakos leave.
    EuropeGlaaixHeretics NationPlayer
    EuropeOnerakosHeretics NationPlayer
    EuropeFrezRHeretics NationPlayer
    EuropeHeLLioXHeretics NationPlayer
    EuropeDrumpzHeretics NationPlayer
    Final Gaming - February 18,
    TPiece joins as substitute.
    EuropeTPieceFinal GamingPlayertrue
    eMonkeyz - February 18, iTorres joins.
    Tainted Minds - February 18, Damage, macka, Nimble, Setzyy, and Zepa leave.
    Asia PacificNimbleTainted MindsPlayer
    Asia PacificDamageTainted MindsPlayer
    Asia PacificZepaTainted MindsPlayer
    Asia PacificSetzyyTainted MindsPlayer
    Asia PacificmackaTainted MindsPlayer
    Tainted Minds - February 18, Swiftazor retires.
    InControl Gaming - February 18, Dareza renames to Hollow.

    Feb 19[]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    iDomina Esports - February 19, Blade, Infernal, and Predax leave.
    EuropeBladeiDomina EsportsPlayer
    EuropePredaxiDomina EsportsPlayer
    EuropeInfernaliDomina EsportsPlayer

    Feb 20[]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Team Singularity - February 20, Nevo retires.
    All Knights - February 20, HadeS leaves.
    Latin AmericaHadeSAll KnightsPlayer
    100 Thieves - February 20, Mike Sespo joins on Board of Directors.

    Feb 21[]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Love Potion - February 21, CycLonne rejoins. Aexeroid, Inaki, and Viitalityz leave.
    Asia PacificAexeroidLove PotionPlayer
    Asia PacificInakiLove PotionPlayer
    Asia PacificViitalityzLove PotionPlayer
    Asia PacificCycLonneLove PotionPlayer
    Venom ReD - February 21, Cyclone and Derp leave.
    Asia PacificCyclone (Xavier Foo)Venom ReDPlayer
    Asia PacificDerp (Irfan Danial)Venom ReDPlayer
    Legion Gaming - February 21, DREAL, FRIMJ, and Jambo join. BBConor, Chaaxter, Payne, and Realize leave.
    EuropeChaaxterLegion GamingPlayer
    EuropeRealize (Josh Taylor)Legion GamingPlayer
    EuropeBBConorLegion GamingPlayer
    EuropePayneLegion GamingPlayer
    EuropeDREALLegion GamingPlayer
    EuropeJamboLegion GamingPlayer
    EuropeFRIMJLegion GamingPlayer
    eMonkeyz - February 21, FrezR and HeLLioX join.
    Brash eSports - February 21, Fxlcon leaves.
    EuropeFxlconBrash eSportsPlayer
    Night Killers eSports - February 21, Preformed, Sheed, Soldier, Suricato, and Truzty leave.
    Latin AmericaPreformedNight Killers eSportsPlayer
    Latin AmericaSoldierNight Killers eSportsPlayer
    Latin AmericaSuricatoNight Killers eSportsPlayer
    Latin AmericaSheedNight Killers eSportsPlayer
    Latin AmericaTruztyNight Killers eSportsPlayer
    FaMe apeX - February 21, Imperium leaves.
    Asia PacificImperiumFaMe apeXPlayer

    Feb 22[]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    CWL2019 - February 22, GoldRibbon.pngExcelerate Gaminglogo std.pngExcelerate Gaming SilverRibbon.pngEnigma6 Grouplogo std.pngEnigma6 Group in the CWL Blackout After Dark 2019-02-22.
    CMG - February 22, GoldRibbon.pngLogo std.pngCuteKangaroo66 SilverRibbon.pngLogo std.pngPapitogotmycreds in the CheckMate Gaming Elite $1000 2v2 S&D 2019-02-22.
    Venom ReD - February 22, Axis leaves.
    Asia PacificAxisVenom ReDPlayer
    Team Divine - February 22, Niall leaves.
    EuropeNiallTeam DivinePlayer
    Avarice Gaming - February 22, Axis joins.
    Kiraa joins as substitute.
    Bloo leaves.
    Asia PacificBloo (Muhammad Syawal bin Saini)Avarice GamingPlayer
    Asia PacificAxisAvarice GamingPlayer
    Asia PacificKiraaAvarice GamingPlayertrue
    Vodafone Giants - February 22, Braaain, Niall, and SupeR join.
    EuropeBraaainVodafone GiantsPlayer
    EuropeNiallVodafone GiantsPlayer
    EuropeSupeR (Diego Escudero)Vodafone GiantsPlayer
    Team Sween - February 22, Braaain leaves.
    EuropeBraaainTeam SweenPlayer
    LanZz Gaming - February 22, Disarray, Fusionz, Jonny, LewTee, and Payne join.
    EuropeLewTeeLanZz GamingPlayer
    EuropePayneLanZz GamingPlayer
    EuropeJonnyLanZz GamingPlayer
    EuropeFusionzLanZz GamingPlayer
    EuropeDisarrayLanZz GamingPlayer
    Excelerate Gaming - February 22, RobbieB3319 moves to starting roster.
    FA5TBALLA moves to substitute.
    North AmericaRobbieB3319Excelerate GamingPlayertrueExcelerate GamingPlayer
    North AmericaFA5TBALLAExcelerate GamingPlayerExcelerate GamingPlayertrue

    Feb 23[]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    MLG GameBattles - February 23, GoldRibbon.pngLogo std.pngjsjs SilverRibbon.pngLogo std.pngMapLead in the MLG GameBattles Premium $1000 4v4 S&D 2019-02-23.
    Team Divine - February (approx.), Creza, Deleo, and endurAAA leave.
    EuropeCrezaTeam DivinePlayer
    EuropeDeleoTeam DivinePlayer
    EuropeendurAAATeam DivinePlayer