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Current Roster Change Portals:

Oct 07[]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Hard Fourds Esports - October 7, Desmays and Supreeme leave.
Latin AmericaSupreemeHard Fourds EsportsPlayer
Latin AmericaDesmaysHard Fourds EsportsPlayer
Furious Gaming - October 7, Colombo leaves.
Latin AmericaColomboFurious GamingPlayer
Equal Gaming - October 7, Desmays joins. ExyLon leaves.
Latin AmericaExyLonEqual GamingPlayer
Latin AmericaDesmaysEqual GamingPlayer
CMG - October 7, GoldRibbon.pngLogo std.pngCruceLovesInd SilverRibbon.pngLogo std.pngStiffGaur43 in the CheckMate Gaming Elite $1000 5v5 S&D 2018-10-07.
Supremacy - October 7, ATLAS leaves.
Rush Gaming - October 7, WinRed's contract is extended.
Asia PacificWinRedRush GamingPlayer
Santo Squad - October 7, Reivax leaves.
Latin AmericaReivaxSanto SquadPlayer

Oct 08[]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Knights eSports - October 8, Riverz leaves.
Latin AmericaRiverzKnights eSportsPlayer
Buenos Aires Tempest - October (approx.), Lucho and NanZ leave.
Latin AmericaNanZBuenos Aires TempestPlayer
Latin AmericaLuchoBuenos Aires TempestPlayer
Furious Gaming - October (approx.), NanZ and Real join.
Latin AmericaNanZFurious GamingPlayer
Latin AmericaRealFurious GamingPlayer
Deathtime Gaming - October 8, Riverz joins. Slacker leaves.
Latin AmericaSlackerDeathtime GamingPlayer
Latin AmericaRiverzDeathtime GamingPlayer
OpTic Gaming - October 8, Methodz leaves.
North AmericaMethodz (Anthony Zinni)OpTic GamingPlayer
FaZe Clan - October 8, Methodz rejoins.
North AmericaMethodz (Anthony Zinni)FaZe ClanPlayer
EuropeCarbinesDevious GamingPlayer
EuropeDisarrayDevious GamingPlayer
EuropeFusionzDevious GamingPlayer
EuropeGenesisDevious GamingPlayer
EuropeLewTeeDevious GamingPlayer
Rush Gaming - October 8, Luke's contract is extended.
Asia PacificLuke (Shougo Asoo)Rush GamingPlayer
Reign EU - October 8, Fjeldzy, FriiZ, Jxcko, Monk, and SamBaldy join.
EuropeFriiZReign EUPlayer
EuropeJxckoReign EUPlayer
EuropeSamBaldyReign EUPlayer
EuropeFjeldzyReign EUPlayer
EuropeMonkReign EUPlayer

Oct 09[]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Knights eSports - October 9, Destinyy, Dimenz, Supreeme, and Weebz join. Blitz and Rakzyy leave.
Latin AmericaBlitzKnights eSportsPlayer
Latin AmericaRakzyyKnights eSportsPlayer
Latin AmericaDimenzKnights eSportsPlayer
Latin AmericaDestinyyKnights eSportsPlayer
Latin AmericaSupreemeKnights eSportsPlayer
Latin AmericaWeebzKnights eSportsPlayer
Movistar Riders - October 9, Oney joins.
EuropeOneyMovistar RidersPlayer
Echo Fox - October 9, Organization leaves Call of Duty. Faccento and Saints leave.
North AmericaSaintsEcho FoxPlayer
North AmericaFaccentoEcho FoxPlayer
Rush Gaming - October 9, GP's contract is extended.
Asia PacificGPRush GamingPlayer

Oct 10[]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Luminosity Gaming - October 10, Gunless joins.
North AmericaGunlessLuminosity GamingPlayer
Rise Nation - October 10, Gunless leaves.
North AmericaGunlessRise NationPlayer
4LF4 Team - October 10, Neewz joins.
Latin AmericaNeewz4LF4 TeamPlayer
OpTic Gaming - October 10, Pamaj (Content Creator) leaves.
North AmericaPamajOpTic GamingContent Creator

Oct 11[]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Luminosity Gaming - October 11, JKap leaves.
North AmericaJKapLuminosity GamingPlayer
Evil Geniuses - October 11, FeLo, Goonjar, Lacefield, Royalty, and Saints join.
North AmericaFeLoEvil GeniusesPlayer
North AmericaGoonjarEvil GeniusesPlayer
North AmericaLacefieldEvil GeniusesPlayer
North AmericaRoyaltyEvil GeniusesPlayer
North AmericaSaintsEvil GeniusesPlayer
Tainted Minds - October 11, Setzyy and macka (Coach) join.
Asia PacificSetzyyTainted MindsPlayer
Asia PacificmackaTainted MindsCoach
Enigma6 Group - October 11, aBeZy leaves.
North AmericaaBeZyEnigma6 GroupPlayer
eUnited - October 11, aBeZy and JKap join. FeLo leaves.
North AmericaFeLoeUnitedPlayer
North AmericaaBeZyeUnitedPlayer
North AmericaJKapeUnitedPlayer
Taboo - October 11, macka and Setzyy leave.
Asia PacificSetzyyTabooPlayer
Asia PacificmackaTabooPlayer
Splyce Black - October 11, Eco, Renegade, Shotzzy, and StelluR join. Shotzzy is inactive until he's 18.
North AmericaRenegadeSplyce BlackPlayer
North AmericaEcoSplyce BlackPlayer
North AmericaStelluRSplyce BlackPlayer
North AmericaShotzzySplyce BlackPlayer
Vodafone Giants - October 11, Inven, Pepo, and Asen (Coach) join.
EuropeInvenVodafone GiantsPlayer
EuropePepoVodafone GiantsPlayer
EuropeAsenVodafone GiantsCoach
Lightning Pandas - October 11, Goonjar and Royalty leave.
North AmericaRoyaltyLightning PandasPlayer
North AmericaGoonjarLightning PandasPlayer
Brash eSports - October 11, DREAL leaves.
EuropeDREALBrash eSportsPlayer
Enigma6 Group - October 11, Frosty, Kade, and KiSMET join. Diabolic rejoins.
North AmericaDiabolicEnigma6 GroupPlayer
North AmericaKiSMETEnigma6 GroupPlayer
North AmericaKadeEnigma6 GroupPlayer
North AmericaFrostyEnigma6 GroupPlayer
Night Killers eSports - October 11, Chicago, ibrYzoNN, Soldier, and Suricato join.
Latin AmericaChicago (Brazilian Player)Night Killers eSportsPlayer
Latin AmericaibrYzoNNNight Killers eSportsPlayer
Latin AmericaSuricatoNight Killers eSportsPlayer
Latin AmericaSoldierNight Killers eSportsPlayer

Oct 12[]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
UMG - October 12, GoldRibbon.pngLogo std.pngHusKerrs & Greesh SilverRibbon.pngLogo std.pngCouRage & TeePee in the UMG Gaming Black Friday 2018-10-12.
MLG GameBattles - October 12, GoldRibbon.pngLogo std.png53 Hours Later SilverRibbon.pngLogo std.pngCant Teach That in the MLG GameBattles Premium $1750 5v5 S&D 2018-10-12.
CMG - October 12, GoldRibbon.pngLogo std.pngTheSoCalLegacy SilverRibbon.pngLogo std.pngFioSCustoms in the CheckMate Gaming Elite $2500 5v5 S&D 2018-10-12.
CMG - October 12, GoldRibbon.pngLogo std.png5v5CHAMPStmt SilverRibbon.pngLogo std.pngTheSoCalLegacy in the CheckMate Gaming Elite $1900 5v5 S&D 2018-10-12.
Taboo - October (approx.), Zepa leaves.
Asia PacificZepaTabooPlayer
Splyce Black - October 12, Ramby and TeddyRecKs join.
North AmericaTeddyRecKsSplyce BlackPlayer
North AmericaRambySplyce BlackPlayer
Lethal Gaming - October 12, Ramby and TeddyRecKs leave.
North AmericaRambyLethal GamingPlayer
North AmericaTeddyRecKsLethal GamingPlayer
Team Singularity - October 12, CleanX, Jambino, Lucidiical, Ohmsen, and StiflaaR join.
EuropeLucidiicalTeam SingularityPlayer
EuropeJambinoTeam SingularityPlayer
EuropeStiflaaRTeam SingularityPlayer
EuropeOhmsenTeam SingularityPlayer
EuropeCleanXTeam SingularityPlayer
Night Killers eSports - October (approx.), ibrYzoNN leaves.
Latin AmericaibrYzoNNNight Killers eSportsPlayer
Team WaR - October 12, Nero (Streamer) joins.
North AmericaNeroTeam WaRStreamer
Activision - October 12, Black Ops 4 is released.

Oct 13[]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
UMG - October 13, GoldRibbon.pngEnigma6 Grouplogo std.pngEnigma6 Group SilverRibbon.pngLogo std.pngMcBusyGang in the UMG Gaming $1500 5v5 S&D 2018-10-13.
MLG GameBattles - October 13, GoldRibbon.pngLogo std.pngCameronTheMVP SilverRibbon.pngLogo std.pngJeff in the MLG GameBattles Premium $1250 5v5 S&D 2018-10-13.
ELEAGUE - October 13, GoldRibbon.pngLogo std.pngTeam MerK SilverRibbon.pngTeam NAMELESSlogo std.pngTeam NAMELESS in the ELEAGUE CODNATION Challenge for Vets.
Supremacy - October 13, Dynastie, SenKa, and TonyJs (Coach) join.
Lethal Gaming - October (approx.), Super leaves.
North AmericaSuper (Tanner Bowen)Lethal GamingPlayer
Krisis Gaming - October 13, Legal joins.
North AmericaLegalKrisis GamingPlayer
- October 13, Censor retires.