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Current Roster Change Portals:

    Feb 12[]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    French Cup Organization - February 12, GoldRibbon.pngWanteD Oxyumlogo std.pngWanteD Oxyum SilverRibbon.pngLogo std.pngEvenings BO3 in the SFCO BO3 PS4 "The Return".
    French Cup Organization - February 12, GoldRibbon.pngLogo std.pngSlnesia SilverRibbon.pngLogo std.pngBOYZ in the SFCO BO2 PS3 "The Return".
    CWL2017 - February 12, GoldRibbon.pngEUnitedlogo std.pngeUnited SilverRibbon.pngOpTic Gaminglogo std.pngOpTic Gaming in the CWL Atlanta Open 2017.
    Red Reserve - February 12, LlamaGod, Pacman, Parasite, and Swarley leave.
    North AmericaParasiteRed ReservePlayer
    North AmericaSwarleyRed ReservePlayer
    North AmericaLlamaGodRed ReservePlayer
    North AmericaPacmanRed ReservePlayer
    North AmericaParasiteLivin' the Dream (2017 Team)Player
    North AmericaSwarleyLivin' the Dream (2017 Team)Player
    North AmericaLlamaGodLivin' the Dream (2017 Team)Player
    North AmericaPacmanLivin' the Dream (2017 Team)Player

    Feb 13[]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Valhalla Gaming - February 13, Couti, Fenix, Gecko, and Grooso join.
    Latin AmericaFenix (Thomas Greco)Valhalla GamingPlayer
    Latin AmericaCoutiValhalla GamingPlayer
    Latin AmericaGroosoValhalla GamingPlayer
    Latin AmericaGeckoValhalla GamingPlayer
    Team Requiem - February 13, MysTK and Ward join. Gabi and RpLayy leave.
    EuropeGabi (Gabriel Zazoniuk)Team RequiemPlayer
    EuropeRpLayyTeam RequiemPlayer
    EuropeMysTKTeam RequiemPlayer
    EuropeWardTeam RequiemPlayer
    KIYF eSports Club - February 13, Kaiser (Head Coach) leaves.
    EuropeKaiserKIYF eSports ClubHead Coach
    Sigma Gaming - February 13, Bounds, GodFormz, and Hate leave.
    North AmericaGodFormzSigma GamingPlayer
    North AmericaBoundsSigma GamingPlayer
    North AmericaHateSigma GamingPlayer
    3sUP - February 13, Pandur (temporary substitute) leaves.
    North AmericaPandur3sUPPlayer
    SSU eSports - February 13, Immense rejoins. Blakey15 leaves.
    Asia PacificBlakey15SSU eSportsPlayer
    Asia PacificImmenseSSU eSportsPlayer
    Gut Tough Gaming - February 13, MoTi and Risky leave.
    North AmericaMoTiGut Tough GamingPlayer
    North AmericaRiskyGut Tough GamingPlayer

    Feb 14[]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Wise Gaming - February 14, Copier, Destiny, and Hippi leave.
    North AmericaCopierWise GamingPlayer
    North AmericaDestinyWise GamingPlayer
    North AmericaHippiWise GamingPlayer
    Kingsmen - February 14, Copier, Destiny, Glory, and Hippi join.
    North AmericaCopierKingsmenPlayer
    North AmericaDestinyKingsmenPlayer
    North AmericaHippiKingsmenPlayer
    North AmericaGloryKingsmenPlayer
    4LF4 Team - February 14, Chaparral, CorpuS, PaNiiikz, and Truzty join.
    Latin AmericaTruzty4LF4 TeamPlayer
    Latin AmericaPaNiiikz4LF4 TeamPlayer
    Latin AmericaChaparral4LF4 TeamPlayer
    Latin AmericaCorpuS4LF4 TeamPlayer
    Awafi - February 14, Claw joins. Carry leaves.
    Asia PacificCarryAwafiPlayer
    Asia PacificClawAwafiPlayer
    Projekt Evil - February 14, Rump leaves.
    North AmericaRumpProjekt EvilPlayer

    Feb 15[]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Orbit eSport EU - February 15, Team merges with Red Reserve. Joee, Rated, Urban, and Zer0 leave.
    EuropeJoeeOrbit eSport EUPlayer
    EuropeRatedOrbit eSport EUPlayer
    EuropeUrbanOrbit eSport EUPlayer
    EuropeZer0Orbit eSport EUPlayer
    Red Reserve - February 15, Team merges with Orbit eSportlogo std.pngOrbit eSport. Joee, Rated, Urban, and Zer0 join.
    EuropeJoeeRed ReservePlayer
    EuropeRatedRed ReservePlayer
    EuropeUrbanRed ReservePlayer
    EuropeZer0Red ReservePlayer
    Millenium - February 15, Carbon joins.
    Millenium Hope - February 15, Carbon leaves.
    EuropeCarbonMillenium HopePlayer
    Hadouken - February 15, Roster is signed by Indiana eSportlogo std.pngIndiana eSport. Diablo, Slyzh, and Zayrox leave.
    Indiana eSport - February 15, Team signs roster of Hadoukenlogo std.pngHadouken. Diablo, Slyzh, Wailers, and Zayrox join.
    EuropeWailersIndiana eSportPlayer
    EuropeZayroxIndiana eSportPlayer
    EuropeSlyzhIndiana eSportPlayer
    EuropeDiabloIndiana eSportPlayer
    SSU eSports - February 15, Cruze and Liaym join. Zepa leaves.
    Asia PacificZepaSSU eSportsPlayer
    Asia PacificCruzeSSU eSportsPlayer
    Asia PacificLiaymSSU eSportsPlayer
    Validate eSports - February 15, Zepa joins. Liaym leaves.
    Asia PacificLiaymValidate eSportsPlayer
    Asia PacificZepaValidate eSportsPlayer
    Cloud9 - February 15, Pro points earned by Assault from the CWL Atlanta Open 2017 will be forfeited due to violating the CWL code of conduct.

    Feb 16[]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Asia PacificFlarezeXcellence Gaming APACPlayer
    Asia PacificMackaeXcellence Gaming APACPlayer
    Asia PacificRivaleXcellence Gaming APACPlayer
    Asia PacificSwiftaz0reXcellence Gaming APACPlayer
    Asia PacificEnviouseXcellence Gaming APACPlayer
    ex-eXcellence - February 16, Flarez, Macka, Rival, and Swiftaz0r join.
    Asia PacificFlarezex-eXcellencePlayer
    Asia PacificMackaex-eXcellencePlayer
    Asia PacificRivalex-eXcellencePlayer
    Asia PacificSwiftaz0rex-eXcellencePlayer
    Validate eSports - February 16, Beastn, Chilean, and Skrzm join. Jazhn leaves.
    Asia PacificJazhnValidate eSportsPlayer
    Asia PacificChileanValidate eSportsPlayer
    Asia PacificBeastnValidate eSportsPlayer
    Asia PacificSkrzmValidate eSportsPlayer

    Feb 17[]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource

    Feb 18[]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    - February 18, GoldRibbon.pngLogo std.pngthebigelu2 SilverRibbon.pngLogo std.pngSPIDER MAN in the PS Plus League Gotaga Challenge Qualification #3.