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Current Roster Change Portals:

    Nov 30[]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Team Callidus - November 30, Lukkaz joins.
    Latin AmericaLukkazTeam CallidusPlayer
    MLG - November 30, GoldRibbon.pngFaZe Clanlogo std.pngFaZe Clan SilverRibbon.pngOpTic Gaminglogo std.pngOpTic Gaming in the MLG Columbus Open 2014.
    Total eCircuit - November 30, endurAAA, Joee, Lewis, and XLNC leave.
    EuropeJoeeTotal eCircuitPlayer
    EuropeXLNCTotal eCircuitPlayer
    EuropeLewisTotal eCircuitPlayer
    EuropeendurAAATotal eCircuitPlayer
    BasiC eSports - November 30, LXT leaves.
    EuropeLXTBasiC eSportsPlayer
    DOG$ Team - November 30, EliTz and RoDy leave.
    Latin AmericaEliTzDOG$ TeamPlayer
    Latin AmericaRoDyDOG$ TeamPlayer

    Dec 01[]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Mortality eSports - December (approx.), JHaZe, Kirby, Rayge, and Zcuz leave.
    North AmericaKirbyMortality eSportsPlayer
    North AmericaRaygeMortality eSportsPlayer
    North AmericaZcuzMortality eSportsPlayer
    North AmericaJHaZeMortality eSportsPlayer
    Fatal Ambition - December (approx.), Aries, Jayrod, Omega, and Temp leave.
    North AmericaAriesFatal AmbitionPlayer
    North AmericaJayrodFatal AmbitionPlayer
    North AmericaOmegaFatal AmbitionPlayer
    North AmericaTempFatal AmbitionPlayer
    Citadel Gaming - December (approx.), Carry, Flarez, Foshy, and Nimble join.
    Asia PacificFlarezCitadel GamingPlayer
    Asia PacificNimbleCitadel GamingPlayer
    Asia PacificCarryCitadel GamingPlayer
    Asia PacificFoshyCitadel GamingPlayer
    Team Vitality - December 1, Swanny (temporary substitute) leaves.
    EuropeSwannyTeam VitalityPlayer
    Night Killers eSports - December 1, EliTz, Lipe, and RoDy join.
    Latin AmericaLipeNight Killers eSportsPlayer
    Latin AmericaRoDyNight Killers eSportsPlayer
    Latin AmericaEliTzNight Killers eSportsPlayer
    Virtue Gaming - December 1, Didi and Ghostzinho join.
    Latin AmericaDidiVirtue GamingPlayer
    Latin AmericaGhostzinhoVirtue GamingPlayer
    neVroze eSport - December 1, Ato, Daddy, HulK, and KaSsOoA join.
    EuropeKaSsOoAneVroze eSportPlayer
    EuropeAtoneVroze eSportPlayer
    EuropeDaddyneVroze eSportPlayer
    EuropeHulKneVroze eSportPlayer
    NxG.Rapid - December (approx.), Duke, Kolgaa, and Pibo join.
    Team FeaR - December 1, Dedo and Neslo leave.
    North AmericaDedoTeam FeaRPlayer
    North AmericaNesloTeam FeaRPlayer
    Orbit eSport NA - December (approx.), EnZo, Huhdle, Schillez, and SiLLY leave.
    North AmericaSiLLYOrbit eSport NAPlayer
    North AmericaHuhdleOrbit eSport NAPlayer
    North AmericaSchillezOrbit eSport NAPlayer
    North AmericaEnZoOrbit eSport NAPlayer
    DOG$ Team - December 1, Joao, OMGui, Reeaper, and Thales join.
    Latin AmericaJoaoDOG$ TeamPlayer
    Latin AmericaOMGuiDOG$ TeamPlayer
    Latin AmericaThalesDOG$ TeamPlayer
    Latin AmericaReeaperDOG$ TeamPlayer
    SoaR Gaming - December (approx.), Demented, Incepts, Phaze, and Wolf leave.
    North AmericaDementedSoaR GamingPlayer
    North AmericaWolfSoaR GamingPlayer
    North AmericaPhazeSoaR GamingPlayer
    North AmericaInceptsSoaR GamingPlayer
    wSystem e-Sports - December (approx.), Lucky joins.
    EuropeLucky (Alejandro López)wSystem e-SportsPlayer

    Dec 02[]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Stunner Gaming - December 2, ColeChan leaves.
    North AmericaColeChanStunner GamingPlayer
    Team ESPORT - December 2, LynxXx, Nelson, and Nihill leave.
    North AmericaNihillTeam ESPORTPlayer
    North AmericaNelsonTeam ESPORTPlayer
    North AmericaLynxXxTeam ESPORTPlayer
    Orbit eSport NA - December (approx.), Dimi, Faccento, KozMo, and Strife leave.
    North AmericaStrifeOrbit eSport NAPlayer
    North AmericaDimiOrbit eSport NAPlayer
    North AmericaFaccentoOrbit eSport NAPlayer
    North AmericaKozMoOrbit eSport NAPlayer

    Dec 03[]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Carnage Esports - December 3, VaiN leaves.
    North AmericaVaiNCarnage EsportsPlayer
    iLLmatic Gaming - December 3, Faccento and GodRx join. Fearsome and Skuxx leave.
    North AmericaFearsomeiLLmatic GamingPlayer
    North AmericaSkuxxiLLmatic GamingPlayer
    North AmericaFaccentoiLLmatic GamingPlayer
    North AmericaGodRxiLLmatic GamingPlayer
    basic unleash - December 3, Veziok leaves.
    EuropeVeziokbasic unleashPlayer
    fabE.DE - December 3, Bullet joins.
    Team ESPORT - December 3, Bloodz, PhenoM, Rizma, and TuQuick join.
    EuropeTuQuickTeam ESPORTPlayer
    EuropePhenoM (American Player)Team ESPORTPlayer
    EuropeBloodzTeam ESPORTPlayer
    EuropeRizmaTeam ESPORTPlayer

    Dec 04[]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Team Orbit UK - December 4, Joee and Reece join. endurAAA and Lewis rejoin.
    EuropeReeceTeam Orbit UKPlayer
    EuropeendurAAATeam Orbit UKPlayer
    EuropeLewisTeam Orbit UKPlayer
    EuropeJoeeTeam Orbit UKPlayer
    Elevate - December 4, Heist, Jump, Methodz, and TcM leave.
    North AmericaTcMElevatePlayer
    North AmericaMethodz (Anthony Zinni)ElevatePlayer
    North AmericaJumpElevatePlayer
    North AmericaHeistElevatePlayer
    Clan Lucky Strike - December 4, Gucci, Realize, Saintt, and StaiNViLLe leave.
    North AmericaStaiNViLLeClan Lucky StrikePlayer
    North AmericaGucciClan Lucky StrikePlayer
    North AmericaRealize (Derrek Jordan)Clan Lucky StrikePlayer
    North AmericaSainttClan Lucky StrikePlayer
    Carnage Esports - December 4, Jump joins. Huke leaves.
    North AmericaHukeCarnage EsportsPlayer
    North AmericaJumpCarnage EsportsPlayer
    Aware Gaming NA - December (approx.),
    VeXeD joins as substitute.
    North AmericaVeXeDAware Gaming NAPlayertrue
    Prophecy - December 4,
    Dedo and
    Muddawg join as substitutes.
    North AmericaDedoProphecyPlayertrue
    North AmericaMuddawgProphecyPlayertrue
    OpTic Nation - December 4,
    FeLonY and
    SinfuL join as substitutes.
    North AmericaSinfuLOpTic NationPlayertrue
    North AmericaFeLonYOpTic NationPlayertrue
    FaZe Clan - December 4,
    Huke joins as substitute.
    North AmericaHukeFaZe ClanPlayertrue
    Denial Esports NA - December 4,
    Fero and
    PhenoM join as substitutes.
    North AmericaFeroDenial Esports NAPlayertrue
    North AmericaPhenoM (American Player)Denial Esports NAPlayertrue
    Team Kaliber - December 4,
    ColeChan and
    Neslo join as substitutes.
    North AmericaNesloTeam KaliberPlayertrue
    North AmericaColeChanTeam KaliberPlayertrue
    SYNRGY Gaming - December 4, Crowster, MoTi, and Muddawg leave.
    North AmericaMoTiSYNRGY GamingPlayer
    North AmericaCrowsterSYNRGY GamingPlayer
    North AmericaMuddawgSYNRGY GamingPlayer
    Team FeaR - December 4, ASSASS1N leaves.
    North AmericaASSASS1NTeam FeaRPlayer
    Revenge - December 4 (approx.), Nagafen, Remy, and Stevey join.
    North AmericaRemyRevengePlayer
    North AmericaNagafenRevengePlayer
    North AmericaSteveyRevengePlayer

    Dec 05[]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Red Reserve - December 5, Team is founded in partnership with FaZe Clan
    iSolation eSports - December 5, Dev1L, InFamous, Octane, and Stringo leave.
    North AmericaStringoiSolation eSportsPlayer
    North AmericaOctaneiSolation eSportsPlayer
    North AmericaDev1LiSolation eSportsPlayer
    North AmericaInFamous (Joel Brito)iSolation eSportsPlayer
    Stunner Gaming - December 5, Huke joins.
    North AmericaHukeStunner GamingPlayer
    Strictly Business Gaming - December 5, TwiZz retires.
    Strictly Business Gaming - December (approx.), Dedo and Neslo join. SinfuL leaves.
    North AmericaSinfuLStrictly Business GamingPlayer
    North AmericaDedoStrictly Business GamingPlayer
    North AmericaNesloStrictly Business GamingPlayer

    Dec 06[]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Alliance E-sports - December 6, Batuta leaves.
    Latin AmericaBatutaAlliance E-sportsPlayer
    Automatic Reload - December 6, Tipsy rejoins. FeLonY leaves.
    North AmericaFeLonYAutomatic ReloadPlayer
    North AmericaTipsyAutomatic ReloadPlayer
    Team ESPORT - December 6, Rizma leaves.
    North AmericaRizmaTeam ESPORTPlayer
    Dream Team - December 6, Octane and Stringo join. Hazard and SanGoku leave.
    North AmericaSanGokuDream TeamPlayer
    North AmericaHazardDream TeamPlayer
    North AmericaOctaneDream TeamPlayer
    North AmericaStringoDream TeamPlayer
    eQuinox eSports - December 6, TAnt and TRob join.
    EuropeTAnteQuinox eSportsPlayer
    EuropeTRobeQuinox eSportsPlayer
    Team InSayed - December 6, Dowkeyy and WizR join.
    EuropeWizRTeam InSayedPlayer
    EuropeDowkeyyTeam InSayedPlayer