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How to Add News[]

Go here and click Edit. The first few lines of code you should leave alone:

For Example: "News/Archive_2017/September"
{|style="width: 100%; border:hidden; background:none"{{#vardefine:year|2017}}

<!--***********************REMEMBER TO MOVE THIS ENTIRE LINE UP ONE ROW AFTER YOU ADD A NEWS ITEM!!!***********************-->

You will enter code after that:

{{NewsTeam|team=TEAM|region=REGION|text={{bl|PLAYER}}, {{bl|PLAYER}}, {{bl|PLAYER}} and {{bl|PLAYER}} join.}} OR 
{{NewsTournament|tournament=TOURNAMENT|link=TOURNAMENT LINK|region=REGION|text=[[File:Gold.png|x20px]] '''{{team|TEAM|size=35px}}''' [[File:Silver.png|x20px]] '''{{team|TEAM|size=35px}}''' at the '''[[TOURNAMENT]]'''.}}

How to Edit a Roster Navbox[]

First, find the navbox that you want to edit. The best way is to go to the team's page, scroll to the bottom, and then click "e" in the upper-left corner. You will see code that looks like this:

{{Roster Navbox
|teamname= OpTic Gaming
|logo= OpTic Gaminglogo square.png
|t1member1= Scump
|t1member2= FormaL
|t1member3= Crimsix
|t1member4= Karma
}}<noinclude>[[Category:Roster Navboxes]]</noinclude>

If you're adding a member, then put them in the correct order for based on date joined and shift other team members up. You may include up to 9 players. If you need a 10th for some reason, contact our MediaWiki dev.

If the organization has two separate teams that should be in the same navbox, the code will instead look like:

{{Roster Navbox

|team2=Cloud9 Eclipse
<noinclude>[[Category:Roster Navboxes]]</noinclude>

If the navbox currently has only one team and needs to have a second added, you can add the second section of code without changing anything else.

How to Create and Edit Tournament Brackets[]

If creating brackets, first look at our list of brackets

Below is an example of a what a 4 Team Single Elimination bracket (4SEBracket):

|R1D1='''{{TeamShort|TEAM A}}'''  |R1D1score='''3'''
|R1D2={{TeamShort|TEAM B}}  |R1D2score=0
|R1D3='''{{TeamShort|TEAM C}}'''  |R1D3score='''3'''
|R1D4={{TeamShort|TEAM D}}  |R1D4score=0

 <!-- FINAL MATCH-->
|R2W1='''{{TeamShort|TEAM A}}'''  |R2W1score='''3'''
|R2W2={{TeamShort|TEAM C}}  |R2W2score=0

 <!-- 3RD PLACE (optional) -->
|R2D1=  |R2D1score=
|R2D2=  |R2D2score=
  • Generally, we use {{TeamShort}} which converts Team Names to their abbreviations (OpTic Gaming ⇒ OG).
  • Also notice that only the advancing/winning team and their score is in bold.
  • 3rd place matches is optional; its bracket won't appear if left blank or if the code is deleted.

How to Add Players to Team Rosters[]

This section explains how to add players to current rosters sections, organizational members sections, and former rosters sections. If any of it remains unclear, look at examples.

Here is an example roster:

! {{Abbr|C|Country of Birth}}
! ID
! Name 
! Role
<onlyinclude>{{listplayer|Scump|us|Seth Abner|SMG Slayer|{{{1}}} }}
{{listplayer|FormaL|us|Matthew Piper|AR Slayer|{{{1}}} }}
{{listplayer|Crimsix|us|Ian Porter|IGL Support|{{{1}}} }}
{{listplayer|Karma|ca|Damon Barlow|Support|{{{1}}} }}</onlyinclude>

It's also possible that you will include contract expiration dates in the team roster. Always make sure that the <onlyinclude> and </onlyinclude> tags are there, as that's how we have team rosters in the team portal automatically update. Also make sure that the {{{1}}} is always the entry in the 6th column, as shown. Putting the {{{1}}} fills a similar purpose, as it tells the template to reorder the template to show Player | Role instead of the "default" order when displaying in the portal.

The first row is the standard start to any sortable wikitable/wikitable, with a few columns at the top. Each row after is a uses the {{listplayer}} template, and you can see documentation about it there. For a list of abbreviations to use for the nationality, see {{Flag}}.

When adding organization members (e.g. coaches, managers, analysts, etc.) you use a similar template: {{listplayersp}}. The difference between {{listplayersp}} and {{listplayer}} is whether you want the player's ingame name to link to a page (whether modified by the |link parameter or not). Generally for organization members, you will use {{listplayersp}}.

If adding a player to the list of former players for a team, add |newteam=TEAMNAME at the end.

Because of the way the transclusion works, the <onlyinclude> tag must be added ONLY around the team's primary current roster! The same goes for the {{{1}}}s.

How to add new teams[]

Follow the procedures here. This section will elaborate on how to perform each of the required actions.

Team Name[]

When adding a new team to the wiki, the first thing to do is add the team's name to our database: {{Teamnames}}. The documentation there explains what to do. You will define two things there: first, the team's full name; and second, the team's short name. The full name should just be the team's full name, probably the same as the URL where the team page is located. The full name will be used when displaying teams in text using the {{team}} template.

The short name will be used when displaying teams in brackets, or when the |leftshort or |rightshort variable is added to the {{team}} template. When deciding on an appropriate shortname for the team, consider a few things:

  • What the team refers to themselves as - for example, Team Vitality is V, and Splyce is SPY.
  • How prominent the team is - a team that players in one qualifier one time probably shouldn't have a 1- or 2-letter-long short name because people won't know what team is being talked about when looking back at that tournament page in the future.
  • Whether the short name you want might conflict with already-existing short names - e.g. suppose OpTic Gaming changes their name to Extra Great. Then you might want to avoid using the short tag EG even though that's a very prominent team since Evil Geniuses already has that short tag and are referred to as "EG" by the community at large.


Once the team has a short name, obtain a 60-pixel-wide by 25-pixel-tall version of the logo on a transparent background in .png format. You can either do this yourself or ask someone for help creating it. If the team's logo doesn't scale well to this size, you may want to remove text or crop out part of the logo to use so that it fits well.

Once you have this image, upload it to the wiki at [Team's Short Name]logo_std.png. For example, File:coLlogo_std.png for compLexity Gaming's short logo, and File:nVlogo_std.png for Team EnVyUs's short logo.

Team Image[]

You will also need a square logo with a transparent background. Upload that to [Team's Long Name]logo_square.png. Here is a link to an example acceptable team image. Once you've updated it, add it to {{TeamImage}}. Keep the list in alphabetical order. We'll use Cloud9 as an example:

|Cloud 9=[[image:Cloud9logo square.png|{{{size|123px}}}|link=Cloud9]]

There are two lines to allow for both inputs "Cloud9" and "Cloud 9" when creating roster boxes, but usually there will only be one option. Then it says where the image is located (in this case, Cloud9logo square.png), and sets the size as 123 pixels (you should always use this size). Finally, it tells the template where the team's infopage is located. Each line defines the image and link in exactly the same manner, just allowing for different inputs since both "Cloud 9" and "Cloud9" are used to refer to the team.

Don't link every possible short name in this template, the way you did above, only use possible forms of the team's full name.