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What to Expect For Advanced Warfare eSports

Competitive players rejoice! We can plant the bomb this time!

Sledgehammer Games appears to be starting off on the right foot for the CoD eSports scene with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Hints and examples of developer support have been flowing through the community since well before the multiplayer reveal of the title, and SHG has certainly introduced and re-introduced numerous features to improve to the quality of the title. Ranked Play and CODCaster are seeing a well-deserved return while new mechanics stemming from the Exoskeleton are revealed and are said to revolutionize Call of Duty multiplayer.

CODCaster is the spectator mode used by professional Call of Duty casters at LAN tournaments that was first introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and multiple improvements have been made to the system. Casters can now scroll through a player's class setup to examine perks, weapons, and attachments which can be useful for spectators that wish to keep up with the knowledge and habits of the best players in the game. CODCaster has also reintroduced Oracle mode from Call of Duty: Ghosts which allows spectators to see enemies through walls with a bright colored outline. The entire interface is color coded and neatly organized to provide a seamless spectator and casting experience.

Ranked Play is a take on League Play from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 by Sledgehammer Games in Advanced Warfare. Players are able to queue up in a more competitive, sensible environment with a sophisticated system to filter out quitters and separate weaker players from the better players. SHG has yet to speak out on the mechanics of the skill-based matchmaking system aside from the number of player divisions, so the depth of the system is unknown outside of pre-release leaks. Some community members have compared the system to the ranked playlists in League of Legends in the fact that it takes a certain number of ladder points to reach the next division.

The most noticeable difference to any player is the movement. There is an obvious emphasis on “verticality” in the map design and Exoskeleton mechanics, and there are few that feel the gameplay is hindered or drastically altered. The game is meant to continue to feel like Call of Duty, but the Exo Suit is said to add more depth to the gameplay which can result in a greater skill gap-- which is more than necessary in a competitive first person shooter.

So far, Sledgehammer Games has shown that they know what it takes to make a good, balanced, and enticing Call of Duty title. The developers have successfully brought back an unbelievable amount of fan-favored features from previous Call of Duty title, while also remaining innovative and making their own spin on the franchise. One would hope that the eSports scene has a great year of Call of Duty ahead of it!

Published on 13. Oct 2014
Written by Rondez "Fox" Green - @RonTheDonnn

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