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Season 3 Rostermania Analysis

Teams Unchanged

Evil Geniuseslogo stdEvil Geniuses – (c) Aches, Karma, Crimsix, and Teepee

OpTic Gaminglogo stdOpTic Gaming – (c) Nadeshot, Scump, Clayster, and Proofy

OpTic Gaminglogo stdOpTic Gaming – (c) MBoZe, Killa, MiRx, and Ricky

Curse Blacklogo stdCurse Black – (c) Tipsy, Mochila, Burnsoff, and Enable

Team JusTuslogo stdTeam JusTus – (c) Twizz, Sin, Blfire, and Doubt

Elevatelogo stdElevate – (c) Chino, Gucci, Nifty, and MadCat

The lack of changes out of these six teams should come as no surprise to fans of competitive Call of Duty. All of them performed extremely well at MLG Anaheim, and all placed within the top four of their respective brackets. With Evil Geniuses and OpTic Gaming competing for first place, these two rosters have the makings of a rivalry that will go back-and-forth for quite some time. OpTic Nation, JusTus, and Elevate respectively placed first, third, and fourth in the open bracket at MLG Anaheim. After a brief hiccup, it has been decided that MadCat will move to Canada so that he can participate with Elevate in Season Three of the MLG Pro League. Curse Black made a brief roster change releasing Burnsoff from the roster. After some backlash and rethinking, Curse Black decided to reacquire Burnsoff and work through their issues as a team – a wise decision to say the least.

Team Changes

Logo stdDenial – (c) ZooMaa, Replays, Saints, and StuDyy

NoXiDe -> Free Agency -> Amateur

Legal -> Free Agency -> Amateur -> Free Agency

VeXeD -> Free Agency -> Amateur

Denial eSports acquire Replays after FaZe Red was disbanded.

Denial eSports acquire Saints after he was released from FaZe Black.

Denial eSports acquire Studyy after being released from Team EnVyUs to complete their roster.

For all intense and purposes, this team has the makings of doing damage at future events together. Dropping three of the four original Denial players was questionable, and even unfair to an extent. However moving forward, the amount of slaying power and search and destroys perfectionists on this team will take them far. Zoomaa has already answered his critics by playing well at MLG Anaheim. The looming question deals with whether or not this team will live up to the potential that has been cast upon them.

FaZe Blacklogo stdFaZe Black – (c) Censor, Dedo, Apathy, and Parasite

Formal -> Team Envylogo stdTeam Envy

FaZe Black acquire Apathy from Team Kaliber.

FaZe Black acquire Parasite after being released from Team EnVyUs.

The move of Formal to EnVyUs came as a bit of a surprise, and the even bigger surprise was FaZe Black’s acquisition of Parasite. After being released from EnVyUs, Parasite was stirring the pot so to say by essentially threatening to have his spot on the nV roster bought out. Negotiations took place, and Parasite decided he would take his business elsewhere before becoming public enemy number one once again. Picking up Parasite was a questionable move out of FaZe Black considering he had left them after just a few hours of being on their roster prior to Season Two of the Pro League. Nevertheless, it appears Parasite has found his home and will have to earn the trust of yet another team if he plans on competing for championships.

Team Kaliberlogo stdTeam Kaliber – (c) Sharp, Neslo, Goonjar, and Theory

Apathy -> FaZe Clanlogo stdFaZe Clan

Team Kaliber acquire Theory from the fallout of the FaZe Red roster.

Team Kaliber reverted back to their original lineup by picking up Theory after FaZe Red’s disband, and Apathy’s departure in favor of FaZe Black. This was a great move out of tK due to the sheer chemistry between these four players. In Black Ops 2 and early on in Ghosts; Sharp, Goonjar, Neslo, and Theory went on an impressive run where they finished second at several events. Although winning is the primary goal, there is no reason to change a lineup that is perfectly capable of making adjustments and becoming a first place team. This is the roster for tK moving forward, and it will be interesting to see if they can get back to placing top two consistently.

Team Envylogo stdTeam Envy – (c) Merk, Nameless, Jkap, and Formal

StuDyy -> Free Agency -> Logo stdDenial

Parasite -> Free Agency -> FaZe Clanlogo stdFaZe Clan

Team EnVyUs acquire Jkap and Formal from FaZe Red and FaZe Black respectively.

Releasing Studyy and Parasite was a decision that was longtime coming for Team EnVyUs. Although Parasite had played well, he and Studyy were not living up to their team’s expectations of them. Team morale was at an all-time low, and Nameless cited Studyy’s behavior in and out of Call of Duty as the deciding factors for his release. EnVyUs would acquire Formal who had just left FaZe Black in search of a better opportunity and a team whom he could share championship aspirations with. To complete the roster, nV would pick up Jkap whose former team, FaZe Red, was disbanded all together much to his surprise. These four players will mesh well together after they have played together for a while. All are hungry for a championship, and there are arguably just two teams preventing them from one.

Out of the woodwork came former Curse Call of Duty head honcho Blevdog to purchase FaZe Red’s positon in Season Three of the Pro League. Right off the bat Radius acquired Classic, who was a victim of FaZe Red’s disbandment after MLG Anaheim. To complete the Radius roster, Blevdog picked up Saintt (formerly on Rise), Spacely (formerly on Strictly Business), Huhdle, and Slacked (both were on VexX Gaming beforehand). It is unclear how the roster will play out for Radius Gaming. It’s safe to say that these five players will alternate positions on the team and event rosters will be dependent upon who plays well during the Pro League. First impressions are that this team has potential, but as with any new roster, these players will need time to adjust to one-another’s play styles and personalities. Classic will have a lot on his plate as the captain of this team.

Rise Nationlogo stdRise Nation – (c) Pacman, Loony, Whea7s, and Attach

Saint -> Free Agency -> Radius Gaming

Rise Nation acquire Attach coming from the defunct Curse Orange via the Season Three Draft

Surprisingly the roster change out of Rise Nation was the one that no one really expected. The team had just come off of securing a spot in Season Three of the Pro League, and falling just short to OpTic Nation at MLG Anaheim in the open bracket to finish second. Like clockwork, Saint once again received the short end of the stick and the Rise organization decided Attach would be a better fit for their team. Adding Attach to the Rise Nation roster is beneficial considering how strong of a player he is online and even on LAN as of late. Rise Nation has officially put themselves in a position to show up the top talent that exists in the Pro League’s current form.

FaZe Red – Disbanded

Jkap -> Team Envylogo stdTeam Envy

Replays -> Logo stdDenial

Classic -> Team Blevdog

Theory -> Team Kaliberlogo stdTeam Kaliber

Published on 14. Jul 2014
Written by Matt "CRUM" Pryor - @TPC_CRUM

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