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Introducing CoDEspLive!
Introducing CoDEspLive

Ever since the beginning of the MLG CoD League Season 2, over one year ago, we at CoD Esportspedia have been trying our hardest to provide the most entertaining and highest quality of live coverage under our main account @CoDEsportspedia. Now, as Call of Duty eSports begins to expand from its birthplace in NA as well as around the world, we are creating a new twitter account made to cover each and every significant Call of Duty competitive event across NA, EU, OC, and BR. The coverage will work as follows:

It's been over a year since the beginning of MLG CoD League Season 2, when we started providing live coverage on @CoDEsportspedia. We've grown during that time, from having one person do the majority of coverage to a whole new CoDEsp family. And while we've grown, the frequency of events has grown too. With the introduction of new events in Europe, Oceania, and Brazil, we've decided that it's time for a change: Instead of providing all of our live coverage, roster news, site updates, trivia, graphics, and other content all in the same place, we're going to introduce a new twitter account specifically for live coverage, while the rest of the content stays on our main twitter.

Why are we doing this? Two reasons. First of all, we know a lot of you watch the streams of every event and don't need our twitter to follow along with the action; you may wish to follow us for announcements, graphics, and other content, while not seeing every map-by-map update. And second, as the amount of events that we cover continues to grow, we know not all of you will be interested in following along with every single one, but we still want to provide full global coverage to those of you who are interested in each event. We hope that this way, you can remain subscribed to our primary feed, while following our live account at will.

You can follow our live-update twitter at @CoDEspLive.

Here's a breakdown of what will go where:


  • Map results
  • RTs of series results
  • Mid-game updates (with screenshots)


  • Series results
  • Today in #CoDEsports History
  • Prediction Contests
  • RosterMania
  • Player achievement shoutouts
  • Site announcements

Want to join our live tweeting staff? Click here to apply!

Published on 18. Jun 2015
Written by Andre Beroukhim - @dred0g

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