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CODpedia Partners with CoD_Stats

CODpedia announces partnership with @COD_Stats!

It comes with great pleasure that we here at CODeSportspedia announce that we have officially partnered with the illustrious @COD_Stats team. The stats team includes the likes of; Rideout1234, LJBrockschmidt, J2theP30, Outlawd_, AndyCODStats, YTUpcoming, f4lurizer, The_gibbymanx, TheTimidDonut, FavoriteCereal, and buddybarrr. Their work speaks for itself, and they have received a great deal of positive feedback from the competitive Call of Duty community. Beginning on Reddit, the CoD_Stats team worked tirelessly on a project that eventually panned out into a phenomenon. In just a few short months, the CoD_Stats team experienced quite a rise in viewership and public reception. The competitive Call of Duty community enjoyed seeing the statistics of each of the professional Call of Duty players and teams alike on the Major League Gaming circuit and beyond.

The CoD_Stats team has covered events such as; UGC Niagara, MLG X Games Invitational, Season Two, MLG Championship Anaheim, and much more. The team eventually upgraded to a more professional setting, and their following expanded accordingly. Each and every one of them are hardworking individuals, and will put forth their absolute best effort to provide a wide range of player and team statistics, as well as interesting facts along with those statistics. Once again we here at CODeSportspedia are honored to work alongside such talented stat keepers, and we could not be happier to have all of them on board!

Published on 30. Jun 2014

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