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COD World League Announced!
Introducing CoDEspLive

At 10:03 AM EST, on Thursday, September 24th, @eSportsCOD released this surprising statement on Twitter:

Good morning, eSportsCOD community. We'd like to take a minute to talk about the future of Call of Duty and eSports. Cool? Cool.

So begins the build-up. They go on to point out how our community has grown, referring to the growth of our very own r/codcompetitive, @CoD_Stats, and, of course, yours truly, @CoDEsportspedia. The strength of the Competitive Call of Duty fanbase did not go unnoticed to the folks at Activision, Treyarch, and the whole Call of Duty family. Finally, at 10:11 AM, this tweet was published:

"Introducing the #CODWorldLeague, our brand new structure for eSports in 2016 and beyond."

Here's what we know so far about this mysterious league:

  • $3 Million total prize pool across all Season LAN events and Call of Duty Championship 2016.
  • Pro Division - Leads straight to Call of Duty Championship.
  • Challenge Division - A new way for amateur players to enter Call of Duty Championship.
  • Independent League Structure for all regions - North America, Europe, Australia/New Zealand.
  • Call of Duty Championship will take place in Fall 2016, allowing teams and players to further hone their skills throughout the year.

Published on 21. Jul 2024

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